15 Terrible Amateur Bloggers Mistakes You Should Avoid

At some point in time, we all are Amateur Bloggers.

And at the beginning of our blogging journey, amateur bloggers make many mistakes.

The amateur blogger mistakes are not good for our blogging career. I also doing lots of mistakes when I started my blogging journey. my biggest mistake is, i choose very cheap and not reputed web hosting.

and web hosting is the base of any blog or website. But as a newbie blogger if you don’t have a budget ten wait some time because lots of deals and offers are always come like a few days ago greengeeks black Friday sale is started during this black Friday offer you get a chance to grab premium things and boost up your blogging career even if you are amateur bloggers.

There is one thing that I have learned from my mistakes: What are the things that we should not do?

Then it benefited me that the more mistakes I committed, the better it would be for me.

With this, I would keep on knowing what to do next and what not to do.

So if you too have just started your blogging career or are thinking of doing it, then you should avoid all these mistakes.

But if you too will try to learn by yourself like me.

So in today’s time, you will be far behind in blogging. Because right now, the competition in blogging has increased a lot.

Right now, you should learn all things as an Amateur Blogger at the earliest.

That’s why today’s article must be read by all amateur bloggers and digital marketers.

In which we will know what any Amateur Blogger does what mistake does in the initial time of his blogging.

Or how can you avoid those mistakes and bring good results in the shortest possible time?

So first of all, know what essential things you will get to know in this article.

You will benefit from this that you should know whether you should read this article or not.

And this will save you time.

What You Get From This Article

1. You will know about the mistakes that Amateur Bloggers do.

2. How should you avoid these mistakes?

3. Misteks solution

4. Extra tips to boost your blogging career

5. Many more

So read the article entirely So that you can understand all its things well.

Article Reading Motivation

So, friends, you might have become curious to know this too. After all, what Newbie Blogger does wrong.

Or If you too have committed these amateur bloggers mistakes or are still doing it, then how can they be rectified.

Now I’m giving you an example here.

Let me tell you that when I was new in blogging with my amateur blogs, then I also committed a lot of mistakes.

I have did some mistakes like this.

  • Used Copy Content From Other Sites
  • Use Nulled themes and plugins
  • Using Cheap Hosting
  • Absence of consistancy

Many more.

Which was my big mistake, but over time I got to know about all these things.

And then I learned what to do and what not to do.

I want to share the result of an experiment done on my own blog to win your trust.

I first made some wrong things on one of my blogs and then applied all the right stuff on it after a few days again.

The result started appearing in 1 week.

And the Alexa ranking of that site suddenly got boosted

So let’s start to know about new bloggers mistakes

15 Amateur Blogger Mistakes & There Solution

So now we start our main content So read the complete article and avoid all those amateur blogger mistakes.

1. Choosing Glamours Niche also If You Not Interested These Niche

We all know that our blogging is the main motive. increasing website traffic and ultimately Generating a passive income.

Many people say that if you want to get into blogging, 

then earning money only should not be your primary motive. But I am totally against it in a friend.

Just ask yourself this question, why are we doing blogging? If an answer is common, then they will be for earning money. 

Because this is the only thing with which you can become a Motivet to do a better job.

But here comes the problem that many new bloggers want to start their blogging career.

They come to blogging just by looking at the earrings of others. 

And those who are working in the niche amateur blogger also start working in the same.

In which they have no interest at all without any research. Because they feel that there is a lot of profit in this niche.

But they cannot see the hard work of those pro-bloggers which they have done in the backend.

Due to which he has been able to reach that stage today.  

So you will say what we should do in this condition ?

  • First of all, you should select such a niche in which your interest can remain Constant.

Are you having trouble selecting your niche?

So I give you some tips, due to which you will find and decide your niche quickly and avoide amateur blogger mistakes.

Best Tips To Finding Your LifeLong Niche

Step 1

  1. Select 4 Topic Of Interest – First of all, you take 3 or 4 such topics. In which you have an interest.

Step 2

4 Day Activity – It’s 4-day activity using these you choose your  lifelong niche within few days. 

Step 3

Take Daily One – Then you have to take daily 1 topic and talk to people related to that topic. Regular 1 topic from 4 days

Step 4

Understand Your Interest – Also, read about the topics that have been done, like reading articles, watching videos like this.

Step 5

Analyzed Your Data – And then after 4 days, you watch your record. Which is the topic about which you took the most information that day and talked more?

Step 6

Do Market Research – Then you have to do market research and see what competition is in the niche you have want to select.

Step 6

Final –   And confirm whether the niche you have confirmed is profitable or not.

So now, you have selected your niche. I hope this

Yes, I know that your process will look a little bit.

But once in this way also think that the niche you are going to select can change your life.

In this way, you have to choose only the right niche. If you just selected a niche by looking at the glamor of it.

Or if you do not get any result after giving that niche to you one year, then your 1 year will be wasted.

This is my personal experience, my 2nd year has gone into this.

You can see my entire blogging journey here (click here)

2. Not Selecting Good Hosting

Now maybe you have selected your niche. Now you have to choose the best Hosting for your website.

Because I often see new bloggers, They start their blogging career with Blogger Free Platform.

But I will not recommend it to you.

If you just want to learn in starting, then Blogger is fine, but if you’re going to make blogging your career.

And you are taking blogging seriously, then you should set up your blog on WordPress,

Also, you should always choose the best Hosting for your website,

If you see a cheap price hosting and use it, you will have to face many problems, which is your biggest mistake.

  • Like that hosting provider’s service will not be good,
  • Customer support like nothing
  • Uptime is Terriable 

And it directly affects your website speed. 

Due to your website’s speed, your amateur blog, which you have started newly, will not be ranked. 

Because speed is an essential factor in Google ranking factors. So always use only the best and reputed hosting.

Which Hosting is Best for your New Blog?

If you are a new blogger, then you can go with hostinger, and currently hostinger black friday sale are live so you can easily get hostinger web hosting with a Free domain and 90% off. But if you have some more budget then you can also try A2 Web Hosting for your blog. last year my this blog is hosted on A2 Hosting and the result I get are very impressive for my website.

How to Buy A2 Hosting?


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You get 4 types of hosting Plans here.

But as an amateur blogger, you should use shared Hosting (My Recommendation)

A2 Hosting Plans Bloggingscan
  • For this, click on the Compare Plans below in the section of Shared Hosting.
  • STEP 3

Here you will find some features vise A2 Shared Hosting Plans.

So here,  you can select your plan accordingly. But I would suggest that if you are a complete newbie blogger then you

Select Startup or drive plan.

A2 Hosting Plans Bloggingscan
  • STEP 4

Now you click on get startup or click on the plan you want to buy.

And then select your domain. Or if you want to get a new domain, then click on it and buy it.

A2 Hosting Plans Bloggingscan
  • After selecting the domain, click on use.
  • STEP 5

Click on continue to buy your first Hosting.

A2 Hosting Plans Bloggingscan
  • Boom !!

Now that you have bought your first ever Hosting, it means that you have started taking blogging seriously.

If you are looking for an best alternative of A2 Hosting, you should use the Greengeeks or Bluehost.

I am going to migrate my website from A2 to Siteground in a few days.

Siteground is also one of the best Web hosting.

GreenGeeks 70% Off

Note – If you buy hosting from my affiliate link given by me in this article, it will not cost you anything extra. But this will give me some commission. After hosting, you just mail me with your hosting invoice, I will guide you from starting to publishing your first article.

3. Unprofessional Website Design

You should always try to make your website designing layout as professional as possible.

Because if your website design is not good. Then the user will go back from your site.

When the user comes to your website first time, then the image of your brand is printed in the mind of the user, 

and this happens due to your website design.

If your website user likes it, then the user will definitely come back to your website.

In a case study, it was found that users spend the most time on the most well-designed and professional looking website.

If you think that you will create useful content first and after some time, 

you will improve your website’s design, then this is your mistake. Which you should avoid.

Benefits – If your website looks professional, traffic coming from social media can convert it to your audience.

You have to consider some points for professionals designing your website.

Points To Consider During Website Designing

Brand Color –

You have to decide some colors for your website.In which you select the 1st brand color and also select some extra colors. It is essential to select colors for your website.

Used Proper Alignment – Allingement of your website must be adjusted appropriately.

Used Specific Fonts – While selecting the website font, you have to pay attention to which niche your site is related to,When users come to your website.

So their most interaction is with the word.So you have to select the font so that the user likes it while reading the content.

Pro Tip – Selecting the right font increases the readability score of your article. And the bounce rate is low.

Use These Image On Your Site

  • You can choose the best font for your blog by reading this article. 20 Best Google Fonts for Blogging (click here to read these article )  I personally use Muli font for my website.

4. Don’t Use Crack Plugin and Themes.

Do you also use nulled themes and plugins for your website?

So this is your big mistake .

If you make this mistake, then it can prove to be your biggest mistake. Don’t use premium things in free.

Yes, I know that when we all start blogging, then it is not so much our budget that we buy premium things of thousands of dollars.

If you too have to start blogging. and you don’t have that much budget.

No problem,

It is not like that you should use all premium things to start blogging.

No, my friend is not like that at all.

You start your blogging by using free things that are officially free. But you should never use nulled themes and plugin.

If you want to start your blog and you don’t know how much cost required to start blog. 

Then you read this article (click here to read article) Yes, one thing is that if you want to take your blog to the next level, 

then you have to use many tools and premium items.

But your blogging journey will start with free and low expenses. You can see the tools that I use to run my blog (many of which are free).

Check Out MyToolsbox

5. Creating Content By Considering User Not Only Google

Bloggingscan amateur blogger mistakes

Why are we doing blogging?

Obviously, we create our own blog to share our knowledge with others and publish helpful articles on it,

So that someone can be helped.

We are doing blogging only to give answers to a user who is searching for his quarry.

So for this, we have to keep in mind that we are creating content to give information to the user.

And we should create our content, keeping in mind the user. Do not keep Google in mind.

If you are making this mistake that you are doing keyword stuffing in your content related to any topic.

or you are making your content bigger. While there is no need for it. By doing this, your content will never rank. 

Because to rank in Google,  Many factors have to be kept in mind. Because of user behavior, this is one of the factors of Google ranking factors.

Example – 

If your content ever got ranked and more users started coming to your site

But when a user sees that what they want is not there in these articles or something extra unnessary are your article.

So the user gets a negative image of your site in his mind.

And maybe,

If you search for a quarry in the future, despite your article being ranked, the user does not click on your site. Click on the second result.

Because they know that useful information will not be found on this site. And if you did the opposite.

Only the valuable content has been created, which may be small, even if the user likes it.

So you will not have to bring the user to your site by next time, Instead, User Direct will come to your site by searching the site name. 

Because she will know that only good content is available on your site. By searching the direct site name, more traffic will come to your site, 

this will increase the authority of your website.

So never make this mistake. And if you have made this mistake so far, correct it.

6. Consistency is Matter

Bloggingscan amateur blogger mistakes

You may have already created a blog by now. And now, you have started publishing articles on your website.

But here amateur bloggers publish articles in their new amateur blog. But they are unable to remain consistent.

Consistency looks at your hard work and dedication to your work, and this is how your online presence begins.

Because I also did this mistake myself in past.

When we are new in blogging, then we do not have that much knowledge of content creation. 

But our content creation skills improve with practice. But if you do not put a consistent article on your website, then you are mistaking it.

This will have a substantial adverse effect on your ranking Google SERP.

And if you publish content with consistency, then you will definitely get the benefit.

For example, if you publish a consistent time-to-time article, then Google knows that you are doing proper work, 

which will increase your Google SERP ranking. Together, your online presence will start appearing in the eyes of Google.

You want to be a become ultimate content writing machine also improve your content writing skill so

I’m personally recommeded you to read these Content Writing Rulebook by Ankit singla From MasterBlossing.com

7. Ignoring Email List Building 

Bloggingscan amateur blogger mistakes

If you are going to start your blog, I would like to tell you that you start making your email list from 1st day.

And if you do not do this, then it is your fault.

Which I also did.

When I started blogging, I did not pay much attention to collecting email.

But when relise its importance, I started collecting emails.

Short Story –

One day a Google Core update came, and then my traffic suddenly went down, just imagine if this happened to you,

Then your traffic base will disappear overnight.

But what if you have a way that you can convert the traffic on your site to your audience and monitor it.

And it’s possible with Email Marketing,

How to Do Email Marketing?

You should try to convert the traffic coming to your website to your audience.

For this, you can put an email subscription box on your website.

Or you can provide your user with a free eBook from which you will get an email list.

Suppose daily 500 users come to your site, 100 of them subscribe to your email subscription box.

Daily 100

100 X 30 = 3000 Monthly and 3000 X 12 = 36000 in 1 year Email will be addedto your list.


Do you know what this means?

You can use a converkit to capture email, which is absolutely Free.

In Converkit, I used to build my own email list. In it, you also get a 1-month free trial Of Converkit by click on our pecial Link.

So you must use a 30 day free trial of converkit to build your email list.


Benefits of Email List Building


  1. Get Massive Traffic Just 1 Click
  2. Get Direct Access to Audience Inbox
  3. Help To Build Good Releationship Between Users And You
  4. Reach To Targeted Audience
  5. Increased The Rate Of Return Visiter
  6. Increased Revenue
  7. Email Is Personal
  8. Totally Free Of Cost & Valuable Traffic

8. Don’t Use Copy Content  

Bloggingscan amateur blogger mistakes (2)

This is a mistake that may be made by every Blogger. In which pro to noob bloggers also come.

Yes, everyone does this by copying others’ content in their blogging journey and pasting it on their blog.

But this is our mistake,

It does not benefit us even by 1%. If you are still doing this, then friends, you should stop doing this.

Just ask yourself this question once,

That the content that you have copied from the site and that content is already ranked somewhere.

So will Google rank your content in this way?

Ans – No, it does not happen at all.

Because whenever we publish our content,

So Google indexes that content. And it checks how much quality is there in your content.

If your content is unique and valuable, then Google itself will start giving good ranking to your site,

But if your content is copied. So this Google understands And not a good rank but your site gets a penalty,

And by this, whatever good you have done on your site before. It is ranking

also decreases.

So you should never copy the content of others.

Because the “Content Is King”

9. Don’t Make Backlink Like The Bullet Train.

Bloggingscan amateur blogger mistakes (3)

If you think that you only need backlink to rank your content ?

And as soon as you publish your first article in this affair, you quickly start making backlinks for your site.

Or you think that this will increase the ranking of your site and will increase

your article rank.

So this is your mistake.

Yes, Backlinks is essential, but your primary focus should be on your content and not on Backlinks.

You try to produce good high-quality content for the first few months and keep making backlinks together.

But do not you make 100s of backlink together like a bullet train.

No, don’t do it at all.

Conversely, if you appear in the eyes of Google, then Google can also penalize you.

So try to publish at least 50 high-quality content  posts on your blog and then start building links.

But remember, when making backlinks, the amount of backlinks does not matter in good Google SERP.

The quality of backlinks matters. So you should always make quality & quality backlinks.

Best Way to Get High Quality Backlinks

In these few ways, you can get quality backlinks for your blog.

Pro Tip – While taking backlinks, try that anchor text is your keyword. And take backlinks from the medium section of the body of the article.

10. Forgetting Social Media

Bloggingscan amateur blogger mistakes

If you want to make your mark in blogging in minimum time. So you should use social media.

Do you use social media to scale your blogging business?

Ever since it was relieved that by using social media, we can increase our business 10X.

Since then, I have started paying particular attention to social media as well.

If we combined with the top 5 social media platforms, their audience base becomes 8.03 billion.

This is a huge number.

OMG !!

If you do not use social media yet, then after reading this article, go and create your profile on different social media platforms.

You will be better of creating a social media profile under your brand name.

This will increase the authority of your brand. And in the eyes of Google, trust towards your brand will also increase.

If you are an amateur blogger, then traffic will not come to your site even in starting.

Why am I right?

Now you can use your social media to do initial traffic drive on your site.

If you have a lot of followers in your social media profile, you can easily take a lot of traffic to your website.

There are many sites whose source of traffic is social media.

So if you too are making this mistake by forgetting social media with your amateur blog.

So improve it.

Best Social Media Platform For Bloggers

  • Facebook  2.26 Billion Monthly Active User
  • Quora 300 Million  Monthly Active User
  • Twitter 335 Million  Monthly Active User
  • Linkedin 294 Million  Monthly Active User
  • Reddit 330 Million  Monthly Active User

I give my maximum focused on building my facebook group

Where I get the opportunity to interact directly with those people who have an interest in my content.

Here we make our community and all help each other.

In this way, in the future, my social media followers should become customers from my readers.Pro Tip –

You should not use your social media only for your promotion.

You have been giving some value to your audience and have been promoting yourself as well,

In which I give 80 values from my social media user and promote 20.

You can also do this. By doing this, people will start to trust you.

11. Not Trying to Brand Building

While blogging, do not just think that you have to do only blogging but nothing else.

You must build a brand of your own.

Many amateur bloggers view blogging from a limited perspective. But blogging is not a small thing.

Through this, you can build your entire empire. We get a lot of benefits from brand building.

I tell you as a simple example.


If you search Google for a term like “free SEMrush free trial”

So your intention is to know about the free trial plan of the SEMrush. So in this,

You see different results in Google’s top 3 positions.

1. xyz

2. xyz

3. Masterblogging

So there is a lot of chance that you will click on the 3rd result.

Its simple reason is that you know this website masterblogging.com and this website founder Ankit singla sir has made the brand of his blogging industry.

So this will give you confidence in the information provided on that site.

Your Readers are trust  is the most significant benefit of brand building. 

So you should also try brand building.

According to the Forbes, brand building is the key factor in making successful any business in future (click here to read these article)

12. The Primary Purpose Is Making Money; it’s Terrible

All Of the people who come in blogging, 90% think that blogging will bring a lot of money.

And they start blogging only after seeing others’ earnings.

In a way, there is no bad thing in it.

But if you must be thinking while doing blogging work that you are doing this only for money, 

Then you are doing it wrong.

You put all your focused attention on your work.

If you have done your work well, then your earnings will definitely be there.

But do not expect that blogging started and money will start coming.


Don’t think like that

I tell you the truth, I have also come after seeing the earnings of others in blogging.

But together, I also know that to earn money, hard work and smart work will have to be done.

So if you too will keep this thinking. Then you will benefit from it. And you will also start doing good earning.

13. Sharing Only Your Content 

If you are sharing only your content with your user and social media followers.

So you should not make this mistake when I was an amateur blogger, then I also made this mistake.

Whose personal experience is mine?

By doing this, a bad image is created in the mind of the people. They feel that we are doing all this for our benefit only.

If you want to avoid this mistake, you should share the content of those people and those who are really working,

Interaction with your audience sometimes, Answer their questions,

Help them as much as possible, give them value, These are the people who will take your business forward,

So they should have a good image of you.

For this reason, I will answer all the questions asked by me. If you also have to ask me some questions, then the comment box is yours.

You can ask me anything.

14. No Planning For The Next Thing  

When you are doing your work, this time should not come that you think

What to do now?

If you have to be a successful blogger or successful in any field, you will have to learn to plan your time.

What do you have to do next? You should know this.

If you are writing an article right now, then you should know your next job very well.

Like I know that now when I complete my article completely, I have to promote this article in different ways.

This will not waste my time.

You see, any successful person always know the time table of his work and what he had to do next.

You can use this tool Trello to make your work schedule properly. And a special thing, this tool is entirely free.

Boom !!

I use this tool to plan what I want to do in my entire week.

So must try these tools.

15. Scared to invest

If you want to start a business. 

So is it possible that you can begin your profitable business without investing any money?

Not on fire. It can’t be

So if you take blogging as your business. So for this, you also have to spend.

It is not that you cannot start blogging without investing money.

You can definitely, but if you want to make your blogging as a business, or make blogging part of your life.

So you will have to invest money in some essential things for blogging. Like you have good Hosting, top-level custom domain

Themes, necessary plugin, tools, you must use them all.

With this, you can take your blogging business to the next level.

Tools You Should Definitely Use.

  • Grammarly
  • Thrive Architect
  • Elementor Pro
  • SEMrush
  • Converkit
  • Short Pixel

WordPress Themes You Should Try.

  • Generetpress
  • Astra
  • Genisis
  • Divi

So if you are afraid to invest in blogging too. So you should not make this mistake, which many amateur bloggers do.

Because I made this mistake myself 

The Vital Expense That You Need To Do

  • You should buy your custom domain name and hosting, according to me i recommend you To Buy Greengeeks hosting It’s best for beginners.
  • To design your website well, you have to use the some theme, which you can use themes like Generetpress, Astra, Divi, Genisis. To build your email list from the first day, you should use a converkit.

You check the page of my tools, here you will get to know about the best tools which help our blogging grow.

Many tools are free. So definitely check.

My Toolbox

Checkout below awasome video by Vishesh Gupta How Bloggers fail in there starting days

Final Word –

Friends in todays article we know about amateur blogger mistakes which every new blogger does. also we know about these solution.

Now my job was to tell you about these mistakes.

Time To take action.

So that if you are also going to start your new blog, Then you do not commit this mistake and in the least time you can succeed in blogging.

So now you have to take action as soon as possible. I hope so

So how did you find today’s article, tell us in the comments?

And if you have benefited from this article at all, then you should share it with your friends.

Because “Sharing is Caring”

Happy Blogging

amateur blogger mistakes

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    Email list building and generating backlinks are also crucial & necessary in blogging field. Planning is also a great key and we can’t be able to do anything without having a proper plan. Grammarly is really an amazing tool for sorting several grammatical error & spelling mistakes. Using this tool will be a great helping hand and will absolutely make the content error-free. SEMrush is also great tool for doing keyword research and analyzing the competitors.

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