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  1. Hi Yogesh,

    Great read! As a marketer myself, I have been asked this question multiple times by clients and newcomers., and your article provides just the right answer. I agree with every single point you made in your post, and I have bookmarked your article for later use. Now whenever anyone asks me this question, I will be sharing this article with them. Thanks a lot, you saved me! Kudos on curating such an informational piece of content.

  2. Hi Yogesh,

    What a great read! I am a digital marketer and a startup owner, and I perfectly understand the importance of SEO in a business. I have recently helped my sister set up her eCommerce store, and soon, I will start to promote her business using marketing and SEO. A couple friends of mine are new to marketing, and I think they will learn a lot from this article, I will definitely share this resource with them to highlight the benefits of SEO.

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