5 Best SEO Content Tools That Every Blogger Must Use

As a writer or blogger, you all have gone through the term SEO. Have you ever thought what is the main reason behind making SEO better? for that, you can use the best SEO content tools.

Google always prefers articles that are new for the audience and are easy to understand.

So, you have to follow the google policies and make the content accordingly.

Some writers or bloggers copy the content of others and use it as their own. and this is not good in way of website ranking, bloggers need to create their own original quality content While others forget to remove grammatical issues from their writing and make it easy to read.

These are all the important things that are needed while generating an optimized article. otherwise, the chances of being ranked on the search engine could get fade.

There are numerous terms that you have to consider before writing a new article. Here in this article, we will discuss them all.

Best SEO Content Tools That Every Blogger Must Use

What are the terms that are needed to make the content optimized?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. That means the content you are generating should be according to the search engine policies.

There are several important factors that you all need to follow before publishing your article on the search engine.

Visitors come to your page to get something new that can help them to gain some extra knowledge. So, you have to provide them with content free of plagiarism and errors.

Moreover, the most important thing that you have to follow is to provide them with the relevant lines that can’t distract them.

As a human, you may make multiple blunders while writing an article. You may add duplicated lines in the content or make other errors.

To overcome this issue and make the quality of content better, you need to use the online tools that make the SEO better.

These AI tools help to generate SEO-friendly content that is easy to get up-rank on the search engine and attract more readers on the page.

Here we will discuss these tools and tell the features that users can get and save their time in generating new content.

Top SEO Tools For Content Creation

The list of these content optimization tools is very long that you can use to improve the quality of your article and make the ratings better on the search engine.

In this article, we will discuss some secret online tools that users can use to generate quality text and give tough time to the competitors.

So, without wasting time, let’s dive deep and discuss these tools in detail.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best grammar and spelling checkers in the current content creation industry now.

Nowadays Grammarly is the need of any content creator, using Grammarly bloggers, content creators, professionals can easily do proofread their writing materials.

and after that, they can correct the spelling and grammatical mistakes easily.

Grammarly user interface is pretty simple, any layman can easily use Grammarly without any guidance. also, Grammarly provides their chrome extension.

so you can easily add to your browser.

after that where you write anything, Grammarly helps you to write in a better way. and this is one of the best things which I like in Grammarly

The best Thing in Grammarly is that

  • Grammar and spelling checks
  • Checks punctuations grammar, context, and sentence structure
  • Vocabularly enhacement
  • Genre-specific writing style checks
  • Plagiarism detector (checks over 16 billions web pages)

2.    Paraphrasing tools

These are online AI-based tools that users can use to renew their lengthy articles and make them different from the original ones.

While doing this process manually, a writer may add some duplicated lines in the content that can lead to reducing the interest of the reader.

To keep the content original and unique, the first thing users need to use an online paraphrasing tool as they don’t let duplicated lines be added to the content.

Moreover, they provide you with the new article with the same intent that has a new structure but the meaning of the article remains the same in the end.

The best things about paraphrasing tools are that

  • They change the synonym of words and lead to generating new content that is free of duplicated lines and make it exclusive for readers.
  • When a user uploads the article in these online tools, they read the provided content deeply and make the necessary changes so the original meaning of the article remains preserved.
  • These online tools make the content free of plagiarism by changing the structure of the article and making it new for readers.
  • The most important thing is that they help to save the time of a user and generate quality content in no time.

3.    Plagiarism checker

While renewing the article, you never have an idea that the lines you are adding in the article are used by someone earlier.

So, you have to read the content thoroughly. But wait a minute! Can your eye detect the plagiarized lines in a lengthy article?

Absolutely not! You never have an idea that which line is used by any other author and which line is new in the article.

For it, users need to check for plagiarism in the content and they can get help from an online duplication detector that matches every single line on the search engine and highlight the copied parts.

You can have plagiarized lines on the screen that you can remove from the article and make it free of duplication.

Some best features of plagiarism checking tools are

  • These tools match every line on the search engine and provide you with an accurate report.
  • Users also get the source of the site from where the content is taken. You can remove those lines from there and make the content free of duplication.
  • By seeing the percentage graph, you can check that how much article is taken from other sources and you can make it better later.

4.    Grammar Checker

To keep your audience engaged, it is necessary to provide the readers with the content of the best quality and it is possible if you are making this better.

The first thing to generate quality content is by removing grammatical errors from the article and making it easy to read and understand.

As a writer, you may make multiple mistakes in the writing that can distract a reader. To keep them loving your content, you have to remove errors from there.

For it, you can use a grammar checkers that highlights every single mistake whether it is about punctuation, grammar, or spelling.

The mistaken lines get highlighted that you can remove later and make the content better to read and get upper rankings.

Here are some best features of these online tools.

  • They make the fluency of text better by removing every single mistake from the article and making it free of duplication.
  • When a user uploads the article in a grammar checker, they also care about the punctuation as they play important role in making the text fluent.
  • These online tools provide you with precise results so that users can make the content quality better.

5.    Use quality checker

Before publishing the article on the search engine, you have to proofread the content twice and look for the mistakes that are present there.

Human eyes can miss some important mistakes that may lead to making the content full of errors. So, you all need to get help from online quality checker tool.

To make sure that everything in the article is alright, you can get help from the online quality checking tools that proofread the content deeply.

Here are some of the best features of a good quality checking tool.

  • Detect the mistakes that are reducing the fluency of text or distracting a reader’s attention.
  • These tools also look for the relevancy of the text and how much relevant content you have added in the article related to the topic.
  • It highlights the lines that have any issues regarding mistakes and need improvement.


To generate SEO-friendly content, the first thing that every one of you should follow is to improve the quality of content and make it free of errors.

As a writer, you may make several blunders in the content that can distract your readers. To keep them engaged you can use online AI tools.

When you upload the content in these amazing tools, they read the content deeply and take out mistakes from there that you can remove and make the lines optimized.

Best SEO Content Tools That Every Blogger Must Use

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