How to Write Effective Blog Description [Practical Tips with Examples]

Are you wondering how to write an effective blog description? Well, you have landed on the right page. 

Whether you know it or not, blog description is one of the best on-page SEO strategies that help you rank your blog higher in the Search Engine Results Pages.

In simple words, it is a short piece of text which is displayed in the SERP below your site’s link. If written well, it will result in better rankings and CTR.

For better understanding, you can divide the description into two categories; 

1. Blog Description: This is a piece of content that is visible in SERP under your site homepage link.

2. Post Description: This is a piece of content that is shown in SERP under your site post’s link.

One thing is clear, if you can learn the art of writing the optimized descriptions, you can easily rank your blog posts in search engines even if you don’t focus on off-page SEO.

So now, let’s find out how to write effective ones for your blog without using a blog description generator.

What is a Blog Description?

A blog description is a short summary of your whole blog that specifies what your blog is all about, visible under the homepage link. Lots of amateur bloggers do this mistake by not giving proper attention to their descriptions. You don’t commit these mistakes.

Here are some quick tips to write a good blog description;

  • Mention your website niche
  • Highlight your expertise
  • Include the USP of your brand
  • Your Mission through your blog or website

Blog Description Examples:

Here are some real-life examples that you may consider while writing a description for your blog.

Below you can see how I write blog descriptions for my blog and some more example in different niches, like beauty blog description examples, health , travel, technical, and some more niche.

#1: Blog Description for Blogging Niche

bloggingscan blog description

What’s good? It clearly defines that this blog is for all those who want to learn blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and how to make money online.

#2: Health Blog Description Example

What’s good? This blog description indicates that they produce content for geeks as well as beginners that will help them lose weight and stay healthy.

#3: Description for Travel Blog

What’s good? It describes that this is the ultimate resource for all the travel enthusiasts who want to travel the world within budget. 

#4: Technical Blog Example

What’s good? This blog description shows it has got all the information you need to check out before buying any gadget. 

#5: Food Blog Description Example

What’s good? It describes this blog as simple recipes, food pictures, and monetization tips.

Now, I am sure you have understood the blog description and its importance. So, let’s see how you can write a great description like these for your own blog.  

How To Write a Blog Description?

Writing a blog description in WordPress is pretty simple. All you need to do is install an SEO plugin such as Rank Math or Yoast SEO.

I have installed the Rank Math plugin. Once you’re done installing Rank Math on your blog, select Titles & Meta from the Rank Math menu and then Homepage.

Here, you need to provide the title and meta description for a blog or your homepage and hit save changes. After the next crawl, the same details will be shown under your homepage link in the search engine. 

What is a Post Description?

Post description is the short summary of your post thus allowing your readers to understand what your blog post is all about just by looking at the description only. 

In short, it’s like giving a sneak peek of your post content in the best way possible.

It is also known as meta description and one of the most important aspects that help your post rank well in search engines.

Not only better rankings but also better CTR, more targeted traffic, and lower bounce rate.

So, it becomes quite necessary that you come with a well-optimized meta description for each post that makes your audience click on your post link.

Effective Tips:

  • Start with a question (are you, do you, etc.) 
  • Include the primary keyword in the blog description while avoiding keyword repetition 
  • Make use of  LSI or semantic keywords
  • Keep it short (160 characters are recommended)
  • Use powerful words that grab user attention
  • Don’t use fillers and be to-the-point

How To Write Post Descriptions?

Writing post descriptions is as simple as writing a blog description. The only difference is that writing a blog description is a one-time job (unless you feel like changing it) while you will have to write a unique description for every post.

Here’s how you can add post descriptions, believing you have installed an SEO plugin (I am using Rank Math here).

1. Open your post WordPress editor.

2. You will see a window on the right side like this;

post description of bloggingscan

3. Click Edit Snippets and you will be presented with a screen like this;

blog post description rank math snippet

4. Enter the desired title and meta description.

Here you can see, this post description starts with a question, the primary keyword is included and a powerful word (handpicked) is also there, all within 160 characters limit that makes it a perfect post description.

So, replicate the same and start writing good ones for your blog posts.

How to Optimize keyword in Blog Post Description?

You want to rank on google definitely right.

that’s why you need to take care of the website every single element.

Like Blog Description, Your article title, and slug [url] are these 3 things that users have first seen before visiting your site.

So you have to optimize your main keywords naturally in your blog description along with use LSI keywords and your secondary keywords.

Because it direct indicates to google which topic related are talking about. and ultimately you get a higher ranking on search engines.

Is it possible to add a Blog Description to the Blogger platform?

Fortunately, you can!  

If you’re blogging on Blogger (Blogspot) platform and finding how to add blog posts or blog descriptions on blogger then follow these steps to add a description for your blog.

  • Head over to your Blogspot dashboard
  • From the left side panel, access Setting > Search Preference
  • Add the blog description and hit save changes

In addition to the blog description, you are also allowed to add post descriptions. Here’s how you can do that;

It’s super easy to add a post description on the Blogger platform.

All you need to open your post editor, navigate to the Search Description under Post Settings from the right sidebar where you can add the description for your post.

Every time write a unique and engaging post desciption for your blog because lots of amateur bloggers do this mistake and they search blog post description generators for bloggers. and use these tools. Don’t do these mistakes if you are serious about your blogging plan.

Important: If you’re serious about blogging and want to take it as a real business, I would highly recommend you to switch to the WordPress platform as soon as possible.


That’s all from my side related to blog descriptions. I hope you have got enough knowledge about what blog description is all about and how to write effective ones for your blog on both WordPress and Blogger platforms.

So, what’re you waiting for?

Simply, install an SEO plugin (preferably Rank Math or Yoast SEO) and utilize all the tips and blog description examples I shared above to write powerful blog descriptions that certainly drive more traffic.

If you still have any queries related to the blog description, let me know via the comment section below.

Lastly, if you found this article helpful, do share it on social media so that more and more bloggers can make the most out of it.

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  1. Hi Yogesh,

    Good job, here. Being more detailed in engineering a blog description gives Google and readers a better idea of your blog, and its content. All improves by establishing clarity. Things only appear to get tougher when bloggers lack clarity, because sans this mental element, descriptions become short and tougher to understand.



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