How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Affecting On Blogging & Online Businesses – 30 Blogger’s Share There Experience

As we all know. How much damage was done to the entire world and mankind due to the corona pandemic?

I am not talking about the loss of money right now. I am talking—the most precious thing in the life of the people.

How many people’s lives have changed completely due to Corona.

Many people have suffered in the business, but some people had also benefited from it when the lockdown occurred due to Corona.

And the extra time he got from them. Those people used that time smartly and got their benefit.

So like blogging is the niche of our website. So that’s why we invited 30 bloggers to today’s roundup post. Which Corona and lockdown caused their impact on blogging and online business and share their experience with us.

So now we start our First RoundUp Post 

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Craig Campbell

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Corona Virus didn’t impact my blogging or business as such as I was lucky enough to not be involved in some of the niches that were hardest hit. 

But one positive that I was able to take from the coronavirus period as I had a lot more time on my hands and wasn’t travelling to speak at as many conferences. 

I took the time to grow my youtube channel and focus a lot more time and effort in providing value to the SEO 

community by sharing tips and advice on my channel and got some really good growth there.

I was able to get to around 60k subscribers in 10 months and that isn’t too bad for someone who wasn’t doing much on Youtube before. 

I have also had some time to launch a few affiliate projects too using the time I’ve had available during the lockdown so it really has been fairly productive and I feel that I’ve used the time to my advantage. 

I’ve also taken time to do several online courses to sharpen up my skills, 

as that can never be a bad thing right? So it’s all about utilizing the time the best I can to learn and develop new skills and focus on things I didn’t have time to do before.

Anil Agrawal

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The good thing about being a full-time blogger is that you know how to survive even in difficult times like Corona. 

Fortunately, we earn most of our income from passive income sources like affiliate marketing. 

We also started selling our products including three eBooks to earn more passive income from blogging. 

That said, my suggestion to other bloggers is that there’s a HUGE opportunity in digital marketing right now. Everyone is finding ways to get their business online. 

Try to learn digital marketing skills to help other offline businesses get online and make profits in the process. 

You can do so in many ways, such as;

Helping others to set Shopify stores online Creating WordPress websites

Helping other brands or websites with SEO such as keyword research, competitor analysis, link building, etc

And the list goes on. The key here is NOT to panic. 

Look out for other possible income sources to diversify your online income. Never depend on a SINGLE source.

Use your blogging or digital marketing skills to find ways to make money online. 

Always find ways how YOU can help others. Then, you’ll develop creative solutions to help others (and help yourself make money).

How corona Impacted on bloging
Amol Chavan

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Everyone has witnessed that year 2020 got impacted due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

That created an even worse effect on major offline businesses and somewhat on online business where offline work involves.

But it’s a totally different case in terms of online business-like Blogging, Digital Marketing, Writing, etc. Many folks have seen growth during pandemic times. 

That’s the beauty of Blogging and other Online Business.

For me, it was also the same. Corona did not impact my blogging and other forms of side hustle online business.

  • I got ample time to spend with my family along with work.  So, in terms of work-life balance, this year was super fantastic.
  • I got many opportunities to explore other forms of side hustles, learn, invest in online training, etc. 
  • I learned many things during the Covid-19 duration like Info Product Creation, Selling Via Gumroad, Twitter Marketing, and CPA marketing.
  • I invested more time in doing the experiments with various forms of Side Hustles and marketing.
  • It improved Blogging Design during this time.
  • Gave attention towards Branding along with regular blogging work.
  • I got a chance to participate and share my view on various topics related to Blogging and Side Hustles.

 Overall, Corona did not impact my Blogging and other Side Hustle Online Businesses.

Bloggingqna founder
Mangesh Bhardwaj

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Corona time is the most challenging time for everyone. Be it business, be it, common man. 

Everyone is affected by this pandemic situation. But the only business that is not affected or I can say least affected is online business. 

Now you are thinking how? Because every offline work and companies are closed because of covid, and a trend of work from home comes. 

Everyone is doing their work from home. And because of this, people got to know more about online business. 

Many of people who lost their job in pandemic started their online business because you just need a system and internet to start your online business with a small investment. 

Even My blogging business doesn’t affect much. Or I can say 2020 was my best year for my business in terms of growth and monetary terms. 

So, for me, corona didn’t affect online business. Even it gives a boost to online business. 

People are more aware of blogging and online business after corona and they are leaving their 9 to 5 job to start their online business.

Santanu Debnath

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Thank you for inviting me to your blog. Well, there is no doubt that CORONA has shown us a completely different world. 

And when we talk about work, many industries got badly impacted due to this pandemic, except Digital Industry. 

Yes, because of this Pandemic when most of the work went into work from home mode, people started consuming a lot of content online and spent a lot of time on social platforms. 

And this helped the Digital Marketing industry. 

In that context, the demand for Blogging & YouTube has increased significantly. But again, only quality can survive. 

That doesn’t mean anycan with medicare content can make a career, as the competition has also increased due to that. 

But undoubtedly, the scope has increased a lot and one can think about a good career in blogging or YouTube if they work seriously.

Brijesh Soni

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As a Digital Marketer, Corona’s lockdown period has been the most productive time for me. 

Not only did I grow, but also I was able to contribute more to the community. But in order to contribute, I made sure I was at the top of my game. 

Corona period has impacted positively in a way that I was able to learn new skills, and most importantly, I started my Blogging journey as a career option.

And the response has been phenomenal. That led me to kick start with my own Influencer journey. And as a responsible influencer, I made it a point to give out to the community. 

I conducted many Instagram Live Webinars with top industry experts, I drew my own SEO course with much-simplified learning, and also, as a Blogger, I have got the great push. 

Not only did I learn, but I also made sure others learned SEO, Blogging, and Affiliate Marketing. 

So, overall speaking, the Corona period has had a positive impact on my journey.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Ramesh Rawat

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After the coronavirus effect, there has been a high increase in financial uncertainty and higher unemployment. 

These uncertain times have worried people about their financial futures, making them seek alternative money-making opportunities. 

Before the Covid-19 effect, My Blogging and Affiliate Marketing business was just a part-time money-making and side hustle business. Still, due to Covid-19, I was at home for at least six months, 

and during this period, I did lots of experiments on various things, which brings me tremendous results, and now I am making 200% more than my job. 

Affiliate marketing is a trending source to make passive income quickly. 

Coronavirus did not impact my blogging and affiliate marketing business. Instead, I was able to grow my affiliate marketing business to the next level. 

While spending time with my family, I also make a lot of money during the COVID-19 period, and I am continuously making it. 

And now I’m thinking of starting a full-time Blogging and Affiliate Marketing Business. 

Chayan Chakrabarti

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Thank you so much for giving me this honor. I am overwhelmed to share my journey with so many great bloggers. 

I would like to share with you my personal experience. I am a part-time blogger, and I manage my blog and job together. 

I was traveling during the lockdown. It took me two or three months to get back to my workplace, 

and then I got a lot of experience People went crazy as soon as the lockdown happened—especially my colleagues, who are only dependent on their jobs. 

My workplace told me that I would not get two months’ salary. 

I also started feeling insecure. Blogging is not my main earning source. 

I was blogging with the money I was making from the job. I realized that I have a payment pending on one of my Affiliate accounts, and the payout date is near. 

It gave me some hope. In the meantime, 

I got a few sponsorship post offers, and that was followed by a content writing project and a few web designing projects. 

So eventually, I was not that insecure. But before lockdown, I was pretty much insecure about everything. 

I have realized that if you want to succeed in your blogging or online marketing, make sure you have to work on your skills and give value. 

If you can’t make that happen, then be ready to struggle.

Amit Garg

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Well, that was a very tough situation for every business all over the world. 

But happily, we are winning the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and everything is getting back to normal.

If I specifically talk about how Coronavirus impacted my blogging business, then I would say it was fruitful. 

During the lockdown period, I had plenty of time that allowed me to publish a lot of quality content on my blog, giving me good results in terms of traffic and overall revenue now.

Furthermore, I have become more passionate about blogging due to all this, thus doing it more systematically.

If we talk about the other online businesses, then I would say there were some industries like Travel, Real Estate, Education, E-commerce, Advertising, etc., 

That were severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, some industries also saw massive growth in traffic, such as Finance, Food, Healthcare, Media. Pharma, etc.

At last, I would say this was a huge loss in the global economy and now hoping, the Coronavirus passes soon and has minimal impact on our lives.

Archana Tivari

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The year 2020 was the most hilarious for almost all types of business and digital entrepreneurs. 

Covid-19 has a bad impact on sales and revenue.

Most offline businesses faced heavy economic loss due to the Covid-19 lockdown. 

However, it was time to stabilize the business and shift them online. 

For digital entrepreneurs, corona time was an awesome opportunity to get success in online business. 

And almost all the bloggers were able to generate huge income via affiliate marketing. 

Covid-19 brings more opportunities to create online stores and make us aware that we should not depend on only one income source. 

Because it destroys many jobs and shut down offline stores for a long time. 

Final Word, We have seen the bad days where many people lose their jobs due to Covid-19 and cannot manage daily expenditure. 

But other parts are taking these worst times as an opportunity to build their brand and shift online to stabilize economic loss. 

However, the competition increased significantly, but those who created a solid foundation and strategies sustained the situation.

Vishwajeet Kumar

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Corona has impacted almost every sector in the world. People are jobless and facing a financial crisis. 

Bogging is also affected by it. Bloggers who are doing affiliate marketing have seen that many advertisers and companies drop commissions to cut their operating costs. 

Google AdSense has also restricted and making their approval process very hard for new accounts.

People around the world have restricted their expenses. People are now focusing on saving, and they are not sure that another pandemic will not come for sure. 

So, yes, Corona has affected almost every online business.

Erika R. Mohssen-Beyk

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Hi Yogesh, thank you for inviting me to this roundup.

I think everybody felt an impact. For me, it was not on my blog as I do not look for stats.

I saw it more on Facebook pages, but I knew that it would happen, so nobody was to blame.

I have a page and blog where I promote programs.

 As I learned a few months

before what is coming our way, even I know the program will be controversial. 

I had committed to promoting it because I know it is crucial to educate people about it. 

First,there were unlikes and protests, and later Facebook reduced the reach. But altogether, the follower count stayed the same. Many left, but many new followed.

I feel not bad about it, as I am not working to make money. Instead, it makes me happy that I could do something to educate people.

The email subscribers and site visits also stayed the same.

Also, it is not the first time I do something like this. 

Another page, which was my first page, and I have it for a long time, is also restricted. 

I post whatever I want there, and even if they FactCheck, I write thank you for proving the truth. Even the reach is less,

but people who know me anyways lookout for it. Nobody restricts me. 

So, this is my experience.

Let’s keep going. 🙂

Nikola Roza

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Corona hit unexpectedly in early 2020 and left me hanging, sort off. 

I mean I had developed an elaborate blogging strategy and was about to put it into practice, and was pumped with enthusiasm and sure it would work.

But… Corona came and reminded me we humans can’t predict the future. 

It shook up Google, changed search behavior and demand and now things are much different, and it’s even harder to rank.

But there is a way forward and I’ve adapted to these circumstances.


I decided to go for quick wins.

Because the future is unpredictable, it makes no sense to go for keywords you might rank for in a couple of years, and that’s a big MIGHT.

Instead, it’s better to go and find easy pickings keywords that still have money potential in them. 

And I found those by using Ahrefs and examining my competitors, extracting their money keywords, and targeting them one by one.


I’ve been doing this new strategy for several months and already I have hundreds of keywords oscillating between the top of the second page and the bottom of the first page.

They just need a little push to get to the top.

Targeting low competition keywords simply works, even for new and weak sites.

For example my Convertkit coupon code targets the query “Convertkit coupon code.  The page is less than a week old and it already ranks on the 2-the page.

This shows it’s an easy keyword and I predict I’ll rank it in 3-4 months. 

When I do I’ll start making money from affiliate sales and that will be fuel for my engine, and a drizzle of oil on my fire.

santosh from bloggingcosmos
Santosh Gairola

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Corona hit unexpectedly in early 2020 and left me hanging, sort off. 

I mean I had developed an elaborate blogging strategy and was about to put it into practice, and was pumped with enthusiasm and sure it would work.

It is the first time in modern periods when nature made humans realize that they are not above the supreme conciounessness and universe. 

Millions of people lost their lives. It impacted livelihood all around the world. The virus of covid affected all aspects of life. 

Even animals also got influenced due to this virus. But somehow, nature healed herself. Carbon emission reduced. 

It was a piece of good news during the entire pandemic thing. Every day, things were going terrible. 

News from CHINA and the USA was scary for me. In that situation, no one had any idea about how to protect innocent lives. 

Doctors were trying hard, but there was no treatment for the patients. 

In extreme situations, significant countries of the world implemented the preeminent lockdown. 

The public gathering stopped by all the governments of the world. Doctors and the scientist gave up their food and water to find the cure. 

India is also affected by the virus; many people lost their jobs. 

Many people died in the country due to this chaos. Business shut down; due to which lifestyle of many people impacted. 

It heavily impacted the sales of many business houses. My sales were also affected due to this pandemic. It got reduced to half. It was the time; 

I also started thinking about how to sustain the business? It was a tough time for me as well. 

The news coming was increasing the panic within me. 

But the positive thing also happened in the lockdown time. Gradually, I realized that my reader’s base is increasing. 

It helped me make more strategies according to new readers. In that way, my way of working gets transformed. 

Many new creators started coming, so I decided to look for more avenues. 

It also transformed my life as I shifted to new platforms. My audience reached increased, it benefited my sales. 

During the lockdown, I finished my first romance novel and submitted the synopsis to a publishing house. 

After reading the abridgment, they accepted the book proposal and signed the contract with me. Now, the book is to be released soon. 

I’m happy about it. I made some good friends and supported them. It helped me to understand the value of human emotions. 

My faith in the universe became more firm in all this crisis. 

I started feeling more connected to Lord Shiva. I realized that how blissful I’m. I have food, shelter, and all the happiness. 

I realized that little-little happiness makes a huge impact on our lives. 

Now I live my life to the full extent, and business is also growing day by day.

Joy Dhar
Joy Dhar

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Thank you, Yogesh for giving me this great opportunity to share my opinion. We know that Corona has changed the world from each and every perspective. 

Now people are thinking/ trying to do something online or from home. 

People are starting blogging, affiliate marketing, and integrating their offline shops online. 

As the number of internet users increases, we are getting more people to help, communicate and interact. 

Similarly, the number of leads/sales is also increasing. 

It is quite difficult for everyone to know and maintain everything. If you want to run an online business, you need to know/learn web technologies. 

But very few people invest their time in learning. Instead of time, they prefer investing money. 

As I run a content writing service at an affordable price range, people are enjoying my service. 

My revenue increased 5X more than before. 

Similarly, the revenue of a web developer, web designer, freelancer also increased. 

In short, I can surely say that due to Corona, the earnings of the online industry increased and it will grow more.

Raksha Kumawat

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Well, Covid has impacted almost everything around the world, especially the business or work, suffered the most. 

But online work had a different scene, the era of lockdown and social distancing gave a boom to the online working system. 

Where there were limited users of online resources before, but later everyone is forced to utilize online resources resulting in a boom.

I’m Raksha Kumawat, a student, blogger, and content writer, also utilized the online resources when the world was under lockdown. 

In pre-corona days I could hardly find time for my online stuff due to never-ending exams and study curriculum. 

Then I invested enough time on my blog and the results were greater than before

Raksha Kumawat

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Corona has not affected my blogging business badly, but I used the lockdown time to learn new things & I got time to spend with my family.

In Lockdown, I started the Bloggers Desire Group, which help me to get connected with other like-minded bloggers like 

In Lockdown, I started the Bloggers Desire Group, which help me to get connected with other like-minded bloggers like 

Mangesh Bhardwaj, Santosh Gairola, Sumit Sao, Chayan Chakraborty, Vishwajeet Kumar, Archana Tiwari, Umer Qureshi, Anil Agarwal, Amit Garg, Vivek Kumar Pandey. 

I learned a lot of things from everyone, and I became a part of a great community. 

I also focused on writing articles on my blog to provide more & more value to my audience.

Overall, Corona hasn’t badly affected my blogging career; rather It helped me.

Franklin Nwangene

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How did covid-19 affect your blogging journey? 

Well, I would say that covid-19 positively impacts my blogging journey. Although we ought to stay home during the pandemic and stay safe, it helped me immensely. 

Simultaneously, the vast majority of people believe it never exists here. Nevertheless, when we all got locked up because of this deadly virus, 

I have no other option than to learn more about digital marketing. Indeed, it has been my passion over the years; even when I was in college,

I learn it partly because it pleases me, but no one goes out freely when the virus erupts. We all ought to stay home. 

Then, I leveraged this opportunity to upgrade myself by improving my blogging knowledge and, most importantly, search engine optimization(SEO). I would say Moz helped me in SEO. 

When I searched about SEO and came up with tons of options, I was overwhelmed with which way to go. 

Because no one result usually gets more CTR than other posts on the result page, I had to click on it to learn more about SEO(MOZ SEO FOR BEGINNERS). 

Indeed the guide is beneficial to my blogging career. For several months I have no option to operate my system, mobile phone, and writing a couple of articles from what I learned from experts in the digital marketing niche. 

I spend a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 19 hours in a 24 hours timeframe doing the same thing consistently(every day). 

Without covid-19 eruption, I would not have been at this level because it made me learn more and strive hard to establish myself as an authority in my field. During the covid-19 pandemic, I earned $380 within three weeks in affiliate marketing. 

In a nutshell, covid-19 positively impacts my blogging journey. However, I can’t assure you my experience will be the same as yours. 

Research carried out by marketing experts signifies that covid-19 influenced online businesses because no one was privileged to go out and buy something offline. 

Every business owner that solely depends on offline hand-to-hand negotiation began to venture into online selling. Thus, covid-19 seemed to have helped online businesses in one way or the other. 

Since no condition can favor everyone, covid-19, on the other hand, heavily affects different people in other sectors. Many people lost their friends, connection, job, family members, and the likes. 

The absolute damage covid-19 has done to humanity is unbearable from my perspective. The world economy reduced drastically, millions of jobs lost, millions of people departed during the world pandemic. 

Although I didn’t witness any death within my connection, let us not experience such again on earth. Above all, it helped my online business. 

Still, I never want to witness it again because its negative impact on earth is more harmful than its positive effects. RIP to the ones that are deceased because of covid-19

Nirmal Panwar

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Coronavirus Not only physically business but impact online business also. 

Coronavirus has impacted 1,000s of businesses worldwide. Many are struggling with cash flow. 

Lots of entrepreneurs are quitting. Lots of industries Organic traffic is down during coronavirus

  • Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the blogging industry. 

but not all niche are affected you are surprised 35% of bloggers saw a revenue increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in my opinion, a travel blogger coronavirus change the future of global travel

1.More expensive flights due to low-cost airlines going out of business

2.More expensive tourism industry as businesses start to recover

3.More restrictions on freedom of travel as an individual

4.Lockdown or locked borders in high-risk areas for the virus.

Shivdas Kanade

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My Name is Shivdas Kanade, Founder and part-time Tech Blogger at 

Due to Covid-19, many businesses got impacted, and many businesses dropped their affiliate commission too; however, some industries were in high demand like Healthcare, Online courses, work from software, etc., 

So we have to engage those areas as an affiliate marketer, and we have to keep more than one income/earning source like google AdSense, online course, client services.

Mohit Bhargav

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First of all, thank you, Yogesh, for inviting me here to this fantastic roundup post. 

Certainly, Corona is a ubiquitous concern these days. As we can see, there is no positive impact of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on any sector, whether it’s offline or online.

During the Corona pandemic, many people have lost their jobs or had their income cut. 

And you would be surprised to know that unemployment rates have risen in all the major economies.

But here, if I talk about the Corona impact on my online career, I would like to say that I have not felt any significant impact on my blogging, affiliate marketing, or any other online marketing. Perhaps it is just the case, and it is my personal opinion.

I think the reason is only one, that is COVID-19 restrictions. All the world was locked in and even banned from any offline activity. 

All people, willingly or unwillingly, have switched to the Internet, whether it’s online shopping, education, career, or any other activities.

This is the image of sudesh author of this particular post
Sudesh Roul

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While the corona situation was booming and ultimately lockdown was strictly maintained, I was severely affected financially, but later on, my blogs pulled me out of the problem. 

I discovered the power of blogging in a new way. Let me tell you my early story, I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2010, and in search of passive income.

I had started my blogging in 2014. But somehow, I was not able to continue as I was looking for an immediate money-making solution. 

Next, along with my full-time job, I started my freelancing career with my SEO, Wikipedia page creation, video creation, and paid campaign management skills.

But lockdown taught me that the service-based revenue model is not sustainable because my office started cutting down my salary, and all my freelancing projects were stopped.

In April 2020, I showed some YouTube videos on affiliate marketing, and without second thoughts, I started working on my blogs. 

After six months, my income started from blogging, and now I am financially stable and planning my future around blogging.

I like to thank the Corona Situation for adding a scalable income source to my career path, which is blogging.

Siddhit Sha

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I had started a brand new blog in 2020 Jan 17 by the time within three months, 

so I had the website to the next level hitting traffic of 100-150/ per day with an Alexa rank of 200k and country-wise 2k. 

The one huge corna that impacted our blogging business was TRAFFIC 

Pre covid, up to about mid-march 2020, the site was received around 1k daily page views every day. It happened through the power of SEO. 

  • As you can see in the image, our website traffic was full down, according to Alexa. 

For me, traffic Impacted Blogging in the corona. 

By the time of 2021, our site again started growing faster and started gaining traffic, and by the time of 

December 2020 to today, date 2021 Feb 16, our site has increased rank by almost 360k+. 

Soumodeep Sikder

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Firstly, Thank You For Your Invitation Yogesh.

Life is very very unpredictable. Just look at 2020! In two words, 2020 year was beyond any imagination. 

2020 may have been the worst year for the whole world. But I can not say so! Honestly, I try to spend this epidemic positively. 

For me, it was full of great opportunities and so many new blogging experiments

Well, I’ve learned a lot during this period.

I had a lot of time to think about what I am doing with my blog. 

what to do next, what is wrong and how to grow my blog, etc., many questions, and then I tried to find the answer.

I am not saying that everything that happens was good because it is really bad and even pathetic.

But this COVID-19 taught me a lot.

Things I Did During COVID-19

  • Fully Focus on my blog and other websites 
  • Try to produce more useful content 
  • Started a new Instagram page about digital marketing & blogging and get a good response within a month
  • Create a few blogs one of them is Hosting Grades 
  • Networking with some great people and bloggers
  • I also write a few books during this time 

Things I Learn About Blogging During COVID-19

  • Consumer behavior has changed dramatically during and after COVID
  • If you don’t see immediate success, you are not made for blogging I DISCOVER it was not true. Blogging does NOT give you immediate results It takes time and patience
  • Spying on competitors helps but you have to give your style.
  • Viral traffic is last incredibly short TIME. 
  • Good content is not enough. Creating awesome content is the key.
  • Google love fresh and updated content .not high DA, PA
  • Your implementations take two to three months to give perfect results.
  • Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst In blogging.

I think the best lesson of the pandemic is that there is something called NATURE that has a lot of power over this universe. There is something called TIME that no one controls.

Mitesh Sharma

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Covid 19 is a pandemic situation for the world. It has shaken the world so drastically. 

All the offline industries were gone through a rough period. 

But online industries found a way to complete their project with the help of the world’s best invention “The Internet”. 

We “Bloggers” are using this technology, so fortunately I used my lockdown time to create more categories on my Blog like Interview, Quiz, and many more. 

I had done more than 100 interviews in this lockdown period on my Blog 

Now the lockdown has opened and things are going well. But this lockdown has given us an alternative way of work “Work from Home”. 

I think many companies will use this alternative way in the future.

Yasar Arafath

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Hi Yogesh,

Firstly, I am grateful for inviting me to write my voice out over this topic. Thank you so much for the opportunity and invite Yogesh brother.

Actually, I have been blogging since 2012 when I entered the SEO field but unfortunately I could not be able to work consistently due to several reasons.

When I was in Lockdown, I thought of Starting a New Blog as I got a huge amount of time. 

So, I started TheRichSecrets and it’s almost 8 months and it’s going fine till date.

I believe the thought has happened only because I got that much time during the lockdown. 

So, for me, it’s a kind of thankful feeling. That was my experience in terms of How Corona Lockdown impacted myself.

In General, When Corona Comes, the term ‘independent’ plays a key role as many people started believing there are a lot of possibilities to work alone to make a living .

And I witnessed many start blogging and vlogging as well online business like Reselling, E-commerce and few to name.

In the Final, I would Say Corona created a good impact among the majority of people.

Thanks Again for the Opportunity.

Gaurav Nagose

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Covid-19 pandemic has given a lot of spare time to people, but you decide what to do in the spare time either you can do productive work at that time or waste your time on unproductive things. 

By the way, during the covid-19 pandemic I created assets for my future that will make money for me.

Pravakar Singh

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Thanks, Yogesh Bro, For inviting me to this special roundup post.

Before we go, I want to introduce myself. I am Pravakar Singh, A 13 years old part-time blogger, affiliate marketer & founder of Genius Blogging .

I am in blogging for the past year. My blog is about Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing.

Honestly, I am not in blogging before Corona. Yes, I started my blogging career at lockdown. 

Lockdown was very beneficial for me because I knew many new things on the Internet like Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, SEO, etc.

I started blogging on 25 May 2020 on Blogger Platform. At that time, I didn’t know about other bloggers as well. 

But slowly, When I came to know in detail about blogging then I found many top & successful bloggers of the blogging industry. 

Not only that, Today, I am a blogger only because of lockdown. If lockdown hadn’t happened then I have been just a normal kid.

Not only for me but Lockdown helped many people to know their talent & I was one of them. 

You won’t believe that I was poor in creative writing at my school but 

BLOGGING helped me a lot to improve my writing skills.

One more thing that Blogging helped me also to find my skills like Data entry, Graphic designing, networking. 

Now, I am taking advantage of those skills & it is helping me to grow my mind & I am also earning from those skills, Now. 

At lockdown, I did creative works on the internet & came to know about many bloggers who helped me a lot to grow my blog. 

Their blogs are my favorite blogs to learn Blogging related topics. 

I know many people feel bored at the lockdown but there are many other things to do at home. 

When there was a lockdown, many people were searching for online works & freelancing. Luckily, I was one of them.

Then I found some ways to make money online. 

Blogging was one of them. I tried it but didn’t see any results within a few months.

But I had a lot of time to learn at that time, So, I spent it to learn more things in blogging. 

Then I see some results.  At last, I want to remind you that LOCKDOWN WAS A SPECIAL MOMENT OF MY LIFE 

because I took the decision of being a Pro blogger in the future & Yes, I am in that position today.

Krish Kumar

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First of all thanks to Yogesh for giving me this huge opportunity. 

Let me introduce myself first and how pandemic helps me I am a 13-years old kid, a study in 7 standards but I am an affiliate marketer, blogger by heart, and also try to learn new things. 

Now, I am learning LinkedIn marketing You know what I learn all these things only in pandemic it only depends on you how you utilize your time. 

No one comes to push you because it’s your life no one cares what are you doing comment below what new things you learn in this pandemic

Honestly, I am not in blogging before Corona. Yes, I started my blogging career at lockdown. 

Shubham Sharma

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If we talk about Corona’s impact on online businesses, we can say it was an amazing time for the online world and for young entrepreneurs who were trying to start something online. 

And, I’m sure most of the online businesses were on the peak that time and some businesses got time to establish. 

The best thing people got the time, which is a very important thing. If anyone wants to grow their business, they have to invest their time with dedication. 

Fact: Amazon reached their highest business sales in covid19 time, but affiliate marketer got the bad news of Amazon commissions cutting. 

Overall we can say Corona impact was very bad on offline business, but the good impact on online business.

Final Word

I want to thank all of you heartily for participating in this roundup post. That you gave us your precious time. And shared our experience with us.

So from today’s article, we should take this lesson from the experience of all bloggers. 

If anything happens, we should keep doing our work if we give our 100% and do continue to work. 

So we will definitely get its result. As the maximum bloggers have told us in their experience.

If you like this article, then share it. And if you have any question, then you can ask in the comment.

See you in the next article.

Happy blogging

Yogesh Sambare

Hey, I'm Yogesh Founder Of I love to share my Blogging & Affiliate Marketing Knowledge to Other those who have to need So Come On with Me and Learn.

30 thoughts on “How the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Affecting On Blogging & Online Businesses – 30 Blogger’s Share There Experience”

  1. Hello Yogesh,

    First of all thanks for giving this opportunity to share our thoughts on crisis of Covid-19. How it made huge impact on every sector.

    Along with that it made us awre that we have to prepare ourself for any kind of situation and never depend on single resources.

    Thanks for organizing this amazing round up where I able to learn some more new fellow blogger and their experience.


  2. Hi Yogesh,
    thank you for your work. It seems for all of us this virus time had also a good impact. Everybody learned from it. Let us all be grateful that we are alive and healthy.
    May all stay blessed and in good energy.

  3. Well, I found this post so much inspiring as no matter what happens but anything can be turned into profit from debt with the right approach and never giving up attitude.

    I’m overwhelmed about getting this opportunity. Thank you so much for featuring me in such a value-worthy post.

    Raksha Kumawat

  4. Hi Yogesh,

    First of all, thanks for inviting me to this awesome roundup post. I am so happy to see my view on the topic with my favorite bloggers. Thanks for conducting this roundup Post.

    Pravakar Singh

  5. Yogesh, thank you for inviting me to share my 2c on your awesome blog.
    I’m honored to be a part of this elite group of bloggers.


  6. Hi Yogesh,

    Interesting to see everyone’s take on covid-19 and blogging. Not a ton changed for me lifestyle-wise since I have blogged for a long time, meaning, I worked remotely for years before the virus. But the world is working from home more than ever, More remote employees are potentially looking to blog from home as a way to make money online while working full time jobs.



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