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  1. Hello Yogesh,

    First of all thanks for giving this opportunity to share our thoughts on crisis of Covid-19. How it made huge impact on every sector.

    Along with that it made us awre that we have to prepare ourself for any kind of situation and never depend on single resources.

    Thanks for organizing this amazing round up where I able to learn some more new fellow blogger and their experience.


  2. Hi Yogesh,
    thank you for your work. It seems for all of us this virus time had also a good impact. Everybody learned from it. Let us all be grateful that we are alive and healthy.
    May all stay blessed and in good energy.

  3. Well, I found this post so much inspiring as no matter what happens but anything can be turned into profit from debt with the right approach and never giving up attitude.

    I’m overwhelmed about getting this opportunity. Thank you so much for featuring me in such a value-worthy post.

    Raksha Kumawat

  4. Hi Yogesh,

    First of all, thanks for inviting me to this awesome roundup post. I am so happy to see my view on the topic with my favorite bloggers. Thanks for conducting this roundup Post.

    Pravakar Singh

  5. Yogesh, thank you for inviting me to share my 2c on your awesome blog.
    I’m honored to be a part of this elite group of bloggers.


  6. Hi Yogesh,

    Interesting to see everyone’s take on covid-19 and blogging. Not a ton changed for me lifestyle-wise since I have blogged for a long time, meaning, I worked remotely for years before the virus. But the world is working from home more than ever, More remote employees are potentially looking to blog from home as a way to make money online while working full time jobs.


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