Generatepress Review 2021 – Fastest Multipurpose WordPress Theme

You are looking for the best WordPress theme for your blog.

So you have come to the right place. Because today we are going to explore Generatepress review. which is one of the best multipurpose WordPress themes. And you thinking to start your blog? Then choosing the best theme is the crucial point toward your blogging journey.

If you want to know everything about the Generatepress theme in detail. 


  • What are the features of generatepress?
  • What is its pricing of Generatpress ?
  • How to use Generatepress premium ?
    Then you read this generatepress review article completely.

Exploring Generatpress

Generatpress is the freemium multipurpose WordPress theme.

This theme is the best lightweight WordPress theme. While creating this Theme, tom usbon has been created by focusing more on its website speed and usability.

Due to which the GP theme has got a place in the list of fastest WordPress themes.

According to WordPress data, the GeneratePress free version currently has a WordPress rating of 3000+ active installation plus 5 stars rating.

So friends like we have learned a little bit that GeneratePress is a fast loading multipurpose WordPress theme.

Now, in this depth GeneratePress review article, we know everything about this theme one by one.

If you are a new blogger or an intermediate blogger, will the GeneratePress Theme be suitable for you or not?

Together we know, 

So lets get into it.

  • Generatpress Overview
  • Features Of Generatpress
  • GeneratePress Free vs Generatpres premium version comparison
  • Support
  • Generatpress Theme Pricing
  • Installation Guide,
  • More

Why Generatepress Theme is Best For You & Me

I want to tell you my own experience related to the generatepress Theme. That if you can relate yourself. Then I guarantee that you will buy this Theme today.

Yea ! I’m Dam sure about what I say 

I made a lot of mistakes in my three-year blogging career, In which, sometimes, I could not be more successful.

But when I recognized my mistakes and starting to finding this solution. And then my results started appearing.

One of them, a big mistake that matches this article’s topic, is not selecting the perfect WordPress theme.

I have used many themes so far like newspapergenesiselectro, Astra Pro and many more.

But when I migrated to generatepress one year ago. So I was now completely satisfied with this Theme.

Then realize that if you want to boost your website’s ranking, and ultimately increase website traffic so your website/blog’s speed should be fast because website loading speed is a major ranking Google factor.

And for this, you have to use a fast loading WordPress theme, which I did by choosing Generatepress premium WordPress theme.

This blog means bloggingscan is powered by Generatpress premium WordPress theme. It was hosted on A2 Hosting with a wp rocket cache plugin.

With this, you can see the loading speed of my website

generatepress review

GeneratePress Review 2021: A Quick Overview

So, let us know in detail about some unique and outstanding features of Generatpress Theme

Using these features, you can make a fantastic WordPress website for yourself by improving your website’s functionality, usability, and design. 

Let’s know about these features.

1. Performance Focus & Fast Page Load Times

While creating the Generaptress theme, its developers’ purpose was to make this Theme a lightweight WordPress theme.

For this reason, the Generatpress theme has been created by optimizing it quite well. and its size is very small, around 60 kb.

It benefits the user that the website loads quickly And if the site loads super fast.

Its indirect positive effect will be on your bounce rate, and your bounce rate will be reduced. 

And along with this, the ranking of the website will also be increased.

Whose direct benefit will be to the user only?

The page size of the Generatpress Theme is approx 10 kb. Which is significantly less, but it is good. This reduces the load time drastically. The reason Generatepress being so popular is its fast loading features.

2. Customized As You Can

Generatpress theme is a multipurpose WordPress theme. This means that you can use this theme by customizing it as per your need.

You can customize a Generatpress theme with WordPress customize. This gives you the functionality that you can see the changes in your site in real-time.

When using the Generatpress free version, you will get to see many features in the customize section with which you can design your good WordPress website.

But if you use Generetpress premium. You get additional access to extra premium features in it. 

By which you can give a professional look to your WordPress blog/website.

If you also want to know how to customize the Generetpress theme? then in this article, we will know everything in detail in the generetpress tutorial section.

3. Compatible

The Generatpres Theme is compatible with almost all plugins and tools that are important to a WordPress blog. 

Like Yoast SEO, Rankmath, WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, BuddyPress, and WPML, and many more.

4. Security

As we know, the Generatepress WordPress theme is a fast-loading theme, this theme uses the most stable and advanced coding standards. 

So this gives this Theme a lot of security to your website. And your website is very secure with it.

5. Page Builder Friendly

Generatepress theme works very smoothly with a famous page builder like elementor pro, thrive architect, and another page builder. 

Because if you give your website pages a professional look. So it is essential to use page builder.

Generatepress Free Vs Generatepress Premium

Generatepress Free

Generatepress is a freemium theme. Talk about the comparison. So Generatepress Free Vs Generatepress Premium will get both of these in the free and premium versions.

Suppose you want to use the Generatepress free version. So for this, you do not need to spend any money.

You can install and install the Generatepress Theme simply by downloading it from the official site or searching in the theme section of WordPress directly.

But yes, this is its free version, so that you will have some limitations in it. Due to this, you will not be able to use all its features.

Generatepress Premium

Talk about Generatepress premium version for this; you need to pay $ 59 / year and $ 249 for a lifetime deal with a one-time payment,

After this, you will be able to use all the premium features of Generatepress. 

In this, you will get 60 plus site demo, Generatepress premium module, and much more. With which you can design your site the way you want.

Generatepress Premium Module

In Generatepress premium theme, you will get 13 plus premium modules, which you can use to make your site more compatible. So let’s know all about the module.

1. Background

Through the background module, you can customize the background of any section of your site, such as body, header, primary navigation, primary sub-navigation, secondary navigation, secondary sub-navigation, content, sidebar, footer. You can customize the background of all these sections.

generatepress review

2. Blog

This module should control your blog section, which should look like your article; you can control it. You can set the content type excerpt or full content type from it.

The display read more as a button, Display post date, Display post author, Display post, categories, Display post tags, Display comment count, Use infinite-scroll

You can use all these options according to your choice. Inside the blog, in the content, you display the post date due to this module’s functionality.

  • Display post author
  • Display post categories
  • Display post tags
  • Display post navigation

You can use all these features

generatepress review

3. Colours

With the help of this module, you can change the colour of any section of your site. And you can use your creativity and choose the colour of your site. In this, you will get 60 plus colour options

generatepress review

4. Copyright

With this module, you can put the copyright disclaimer of your site in the copyright section in your site’s footer.

generatepress review

5. Disable Element

Using the disabled element module, you can disable the module inside any section, page, the post of your site.

6. Element

Element is one of the best features of Generatpress premium.
You can control dynamic heroes, advance hooks, layout, header, all of them through this.

generatepress review
generatepress review

7.Menu Plus

Through this module, you can turn the mobile header off or on. You can make the menu sticky. You can navigate off the canvas.

8. Secondary Navigation

In Secondary navigation, you can have Mobile Menu Label, Navigation Width, Inner Navigation Width, Navigation Alignment, Dropdown Direction, Menu Item Width, and height, Sub-Menu Item Height

You can control all these.

generatpress secondary Navigation Setting

9. Sections

The section works in a way to give functionality like a page builder. Suppose you use a custom page builder like elementor pro, thrive, architect, Divi builder. Then you can avoid using sections.

But when you use the only classic editor on your site, you will easily use the section.

10.Site Library

While using Generatepress Premium, you will get full access to the Generatepress library. 

You can import all the demo content/template of the library in a single click and quickly live your site.

Suppose you do not have to customize your site by starting. So you can import any good demo, 

then remove the demo data, import your data with the help of the Generatepress import option, and then customize it according to your needs.

This will save you a lot of time…

Generatepress Site Library

11. Spacing

Through this, you can control and customize the margin and padding of the header, menu item, container separate, sidebar width, content padding, width padding, footer widget & footer padding, a secondary menu of the site.


By taking this module, you can select the text fonts of any section of the coming site properly, change them. Together, you can also change font family, font variants, font weight, font size, and so on.

I mostly prefer Muli font for my site. Which one do you use? Please tell me in the comments.

generatepress Typography

How to Install Generatpress Premium WordPress Theme

So installing Generatpress premium is not a very difficult task. You can do this very quickly.

Now we discuss all things step by step.

Step 1: – Login to your WordPress Dashboard

wordpress login
wordpress dashboard

Step 2:– Go to appearance and then theme.

generatepress review

Here you see the Theme which you are currently using, and I’m using Generatepress premium already that why this is showing here.

generatepress theme section

In your case, showing any different theme.

Now click on add new Theme and search Generatpress.

Search Generatepress
Activate Generatpress

Install and activate this Theme.

Installing Generatepress Premium

Generetpress premium technically is a not theme, it’s a plugin.

Step 1:-  So now to install it, first of all, click here

generatepress review 2021

Step 2:– Scroll down, and now here you will see 2 plans of Generatpress. You can add whatever you like to both of them.

generatepress pricing

Step 3:- Now here you have to fill in some of your basic details. Also, you are given the option of PayPal or a Credit Card to pay here.

generatepress purchase Process

Selecting all your basic details and payment method, click on the purchase button

Step 4:- Now log into your Generatpress website account and download your Generetpress premium plugin.

generatepress review

Step 5:- Go to WordPress dashboard plugin Choose Flie = Your Downloaded GP Plugin

generatepress premium Upload

And add a new plugin. And select your plugin and install and activate it

generatepress activate

Generatepress Speed Test

Google considers website page speed as a ranking factor.

So like now, Google has also said this officially in their Core Web Vitals update. 

The website load time has an impact on the ranking of the website. And mobile page speed is also a mobile ranking factor.

If you want to rank your website’s articles, you have to make your website super fast on both desktop and mobile.

Lightweight WordPress themes prove to be very helpful for this.

And the developers of Generatpress Theme have created this Theme, keeping in mind the factor of website load, and due to this, the total size of this Theme is less than 30 kb.

That is why a lot of people use Generatepress for their websites.

You can guess the popularity of the Generatepress Theme by this. Is currently using 400000 plus active website for this Theme. 

And 1500 plus 5-star rating and 90k plus happy customer.

Like you have already seen, my website load time is above. And now I would like to show you the speed of the website of some of my other blogger’s friends here. 

Those who use the Generatepress theme for their website.

  • Site :- Powered By Generetpress Premium Theme
  • Site :- Powered By Generetpress Premium Theme

So you saw many bloggers and digital marketers prefer Generatpress. I posted a poll on Facebook 

How many people use which Theme for their website? So the answer of maximum people was Generatepress You can see the result in the below-given snapshot.

Generatpress Tutorial

Generatepress is like a simple theme, but if you want to use Generatepress premium in an advanced way.

You will have to learn how to customize Generatepress in advance by searching Generatepress tutorials on the internet.

I will cover Generatepress premium tutorials in detail in my next article. Till then, you can take the help of the resources given below.

Generatepress Documentation

Before using any WordPress theme, it is essential to know its customizationfunctionalityfeatures, and everything. 

And almost all the WordPress theme developers provide public documentation along with the Theme.

Which is very helpful for us. And Generatepress also provides documentation to us.

Suppose you want to get Generatepress documentation. So you simply search for “Generatepress documentation” on Google, and you will find it.

Generatepress Support

After purchasing any service or product, if you have any problem related to that particular service product, you want to talk to their support team. 

If their support is not so good, do you recommend their product to others? Will you do it?

It is obvious, Wouldn’t you?

That is why it is very important to give high-class support to the customer. And Generatepress developers know this thing very well.

If you have any problem related to Generatepress free or Generatepress premium version, you can ask your query in Generatepress support and their forum.

They will solve your problem.

A lot of time users asked some of our Generatepress related queries to the support team. And they always got solutions from the Generatepress support team.

generatepress review

Generatepress Alternatives

Generatepress is one of the fastest and best WordPress themes. There is no doubt about it. 

But no other theme like Generatepress’s feathers is in the market, and it would be wrong to think like that.

No, it is not like that at all. More Generatepress alternative themes are available.

And as a user, you should try all the alternatives and compare.

And that’s why people search for terms like Generatepress vs Astra vs oceanwpGeneratepress vs. newspaperGeneratepress, and genesis s. And after doing a Comparision, they buy a theme.

Some of the Alternatives are given below.

Astra Theme

Astra is also a fast-loading lightweight WordPress theme like a Generatpress. Astra is a freemium theme. Both its premium and free versions are available. 

This is the recommended Theme for Elementor Pro users. In it, you get 35 free theme demos. According to the official WordPress repository, Astra is the 5th most popular WordPress theme.

The best features of Astra Theme

1. Quick Load:- Like Generatpress, Astra is lightweight. That’s why this Theme is speedy.

2. Excellent For Page Builders:- Using page builders,, we can improve our website’s overall functionality. And Astra is very compatible with almost all page builders, like elementor pro, thrive architect, and many more. 

I personally use both page builders for this website.

I strongly recommended you to you also use Elementor Pro for your better blogging future,

current Elementor Provide 50% OFF so Don’t miss this opportunity and Grab Elementor Pro with Outstanding Discount 

3.Customization Made Easy:- You can customize every module and section of this Theme easily

4. Lots Of Prebuilt Site Demo:- If you want to set up your website with just one click, then you can do it. 

Because in Astra, you get lots of prebuild demo. You can set up your whole website in just one click.

5.Hooks & Filters:- In Astra pro, you get hooks and filters, which are very useful for developers. 

You can modify/add new functionalities to any section of your website without touching the coding.

Genesis Framework

Genesis is also one of the popular WordPress themes. Using Genesis Framework, you can easily and quickly build your WordPress website. 

Genesis offers you a ton of widgets, layouts so by using them, and you can able to improve your website SEO score and functionality,

Genesis is a freemium theme means this Theme also gives us a free version. If we want more functionality, we need to purchase the Genesis premium version, also called Genesis Framework.

Genesis pricing:- Yearly plan cost is 80 USD per year

Lifetime plan costs $224 for a lifetime


So friends, in this article of today’s Generatepress review, we have learned almost everything necessary about Generatepress.

In the end, I would like to say that if you want to make your blog website more profitable.

For this, you will have to do many technical and non-technical things. And website optimization is one of them. 

And to make the website efficient, you have to choose fast-loading hosting and a lightweight theme.  that of which Generatpress.

But if you use the Generatpress free version without spending money, you may not benefit from it. So I recommend you try the Generatpress premium version.

Because Generatpress premium you have to make only a one-time payment while buying, you will continue to benefit from its features after that lifetime.

So that’s it for now.

If you have any questions, then you must ask us in the comment. You will get the replay.

Thank you

Happy blogging


Q1. What is Generatepress?

Generatepress is the freemium WordPress multipurpose theme developed by Tom Usborne. This theme has been specially designed by the developers keeping in mind the website load time.

Q2. Is Generatepress Free?

Yes, Generatepress is an entirely free theme. You can use it by downloading it from WordPress or the official site.

But in this, you will get some limitations. And the premium version of Generatepress is also available, for which you will get $ 59 on a yearly plan and $ 249 for a lifetime with a one-time fee.

Q3. Does Generatepress Work Properly With Elementor?

Yes, definitely both GeneratePress free and GeneratePress Premium work perfectly with elementor pro. If you use both of these, then you might not even need any other designing tool.

Q4. Which Version Generatepress Free vs GeneratepressPremium Should I Go For?

This depends on your requirement. Suppose you are an amateur blogger. So I would suggest that you use the Generatepress free version. But in this, you will get some limitations.

So when you cannot complete your need free version and have to do customization in deep with Generatepress, you use Generatepress premium theme

Q5. How Many Sites Can I Use Gp Premium On?

Once you have made purchases with GeneratePress premium from an official licence. So after this, you can use the GP Premium license on an unlimited website. And you can also use it for your client’s site.

Q6. What If I Don’t Renew my License Key?

Suppose you have not renewed your GP Premium licence. So this will not change anything on your site. Just you will not get new updates and premium support.

Q7. What’s The Generatepress Refund Policy?

Generatpress gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you asked within 30 days of buying gp premium, then without asking any question to you
You will get a refund.

Q8.How To Remove Generatepress Copyright From The Footer?

With the GeneratePress free version, you cannot remove copyright. For this, you have to buy the GeneratePress Premium version only.

Q9. Which Is A Better Theme For A Website, Astra Theme Or Generatepress?

Both are best for creating WordPress theme websites. GeneratePress is a multipurpose WordPress theme with which you can customize the website in any way. And Astra is also a multipurpose WordPress theme, and in particular, it is recommended by many experts to use this Theme for the agency/service website with Element Pro.

But after fully understanding Generatepress, I can say that Generatepress is the winner

Q10.What Is The Best Page Builder For Generatepress?

With GeneratePress, elementor pro, thrive architect and much more, page builders work best. But the best is GenerateBlocks which the developers of GeneratePress have created.

Generatpress Review 2021

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