Complete Guide To Create High Quality Content That’s Love Google

Do you want to know how to create high-quality content?

Yes, I know what you want to know.

That’s why you have come to this page.


Your coming to this page means that now what is the importance of high-quality content? Perhaps you have understood.

And now you also want to be a good copyrighted Or as say Content Writer.

Am I right?

If you will read this article completely.

So I claim that the path of your to becoming a Pro copyrighter will start with the help of this article.

Because in this article, I will give you very advanced tips so that you can create high-quality content with great ease.

And now, you want to learn copyright ultimately. Now maybe you and I have understood this completely. Why are you present on this page today and now?

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What You Get From This Article


If you give full concentration to today’s article, you will read from start to end, and you will spend a few minutes of your precious time reading this article, then it will benefit you very much.


  • Your copywriting will be very good.
  • If you are a blogger, then you will know the proper format to write an SEO friendly article Or Blog Post.
  • Then you will know how to understand your audience.
  • You will get to know its tips on how to connect with your audience at an emotional level for creating High Quality Content.
  • If you become an excellent copyrighter, then this will increase the authority of your website. Because of the audience and Google-like well-researched quality content.
  • and many more …

Hello readers, do you also want to know how to create high-quality content ?

Then Read This Article

1. Starting Motivation Before Reading Further Article


If you are a digital marketer or you are a blogger or perhaps if you work in any field where you always have to provide quality content,

then you will know the importance of good research content. Quality content is exceptional. It can be beneficial for you in away.

In today’s time, there are some secret tips on how the quality content you have created can benefit you,

which I am going to give you in this article today.

Perhaps you do not know how big the market for content marketing and creation is.

If you, too, become a good copywriter, then you also can benefit greatly from it in the future.

By looking at the image given below, you can get an idea of how fast the Digital Marketing Industry has increased, and it is still growing.

content marketing growth by

So readers now are the time To understand all those things. So are you ready to become a pro copywriter?

I think you ready now,so don’t think all these things which I am going to tell you in this article are hard,

no not a tall one. All the things are straightforward to read this article entirely, just like reading a comic book. and apply all these techniques on your skill

Let’s dive in

What is copyrighting?

So, friends, you have heard the word copyrighting many times. Before creating good content, you have to know what is copyrighting.

Let me tell you what is copyrighting?

Like we usually see and speak on content writing or content creator, i.e. those people who create content. And the content that is created, we talk it all in simple language.

But at the international level, when you go deep in the field of digital marketing, this is called copyrighting.

And those who create this content, we call it copyrighter. Now, you know what is copyrighting.

Now we see that if you become a pro copyrighter, then what are the benefits you can get from this and what is the importance of copyrighting?

What Is The Importance Of Copyrighting ?

  1. You can get a high conversion on your main pages like lead generation, sales pages.
  2. More engagement on the different platform post
  3. Increase more brand engagement
  4. If your article is impressive, then more people share your article.

Copyrighting is a significant term in digital marketing. And together, it is also a success key in a digital marketing career.

If you implement the learner with your intelligence and correctly, then it confirms your success by 30%.

So that’s why we can never take copyrighting to the digital marketer and blogger less seriously.

This is the thing through which you interact with your customers.

Real Time Example Just Read Like story – 

Example:-Suppose you run a store  and where you sell a lot of things.

One day a customer comes there and asks for something. But you are really dumb you not able to speak with customer. And you can’t talk to that customer.

It cannot solve his problem. So obviously the customer will go back.

Moral of this short story is…

You have to make such content your customer understands, and your content has all the information that your customer wants to know.

Quick Result Pro Tips

Along with a content writer, you also have to become a mentalist.

So that you can know your customer’s needs.

Now, how I identify the needs of the customer, I will tell you further in this article.

Which Skill You Need To Become Pro Copyrighter ?

  1. If you want to become a pro copyrighter, then you have to understand your customer
  2. Which sentence did you say and how to write it, you should know.
  3. You should come to write such content, which your customer or reader should feel inspired and joy while reading. Don’t get bored
  4. Your article should be well structured.

When you become an expert in all these points, you will become a good copyrighted.

So from now on, you should start working to gain excellent expertise on these points. This is very important point for creating High-Quality Content.

Now it may be that your customer or reader has a problem with something. Whose solution he is searching for on the Internet, but he cannot find the answer.

Maybe that person is searching in such a way that he is not getting his perfect answer.

Now you will have to know how your customer talks on the Internet. Now there are many ways to know this. Like social media,

Many more…

If you want to know about it in detail, then you can take a reference from the article of backlinko.

In which you will get complete information about it.

2. Quick Result  Tips To Help You To Become A Future Pro-Copyrighter & Create High Quality Content

  1. Select a proper idea about which type of content you want to create
  2. Analyzed after selecting content idea is profitable or not
  3. What do people think about that topic
  4. Do proper keyword research.
  5. Design layout of your article
  6. Used lots of images and infographics and videos
  7. Look for questions that are related to your topic, and people could not find the answer to their problems.

Now time to discuss about all 7 tips in detail

1. Select a Proper Idea About Which Type Of Content You Want To create

If you want to create high-quality content, then, first of all, you should have your own concept very clear about that topic.

Only then can you give excellent value to others. So that’s why you need an idea of which topic should be made.

If seen from this, there are many ways to find the content idea. But for new people who are in this field, it is challenging for them

So I tell you about the same, how can you get out of searching this good content idea for yourself.

Point 1:- Used Quora

And what is happening to the people. Note down all those questions.

You can see what people are searching for more and more by going on a social media platform like quora

bloggingscan quora

Point 2 :- Used Google trends

We all know that in today’s times, something always keeps trending in something new.

So that’s why Google trend is also an excellent way to find content ideas for yourself.

You can search for the related topic from your field by coming here and see what is going on in your area these days. And this will give you a good idea.

google trends bloggingscan

Point 3 :- Google search suggestion

Google search suggestion is also a great way to take content ideas. Like you would do everything notices if we type something in Google to search for a topic,

So Google suggests to us that people have discovered these things about this topic. And then you can take the content idea from them as well.

google seaarh suggestion


Extra tips for finding a good content idea

  • Analyzed competitor website
  • Product review
  • Customer problems and their Opinion
  • Interview
  • Case studies

2. Analyzed after selecting content idea is profitable or not

Maybe by now, you have to find your content idea, they must have understood the whole fold.

Now in time like our main works

You have now decided on the content idea, but now you have to see it. Is there really any benefit to working on this topic or not?

Because if that topic does not have potential.So your hard and smart work is useless.

Point 1 :- Analysed Keyword Search Volume In Google & Other Search Engines 

First of all, you have to see the search volume of the topic you selected in Google.

For this, you can take help of many SEO tools.

Like Ahrefs, Semrush, Spyfu,

But I know if you are a beginner then it will be difficult for you to buy these tools.

For this, I will suggest you use free Google’s keyword planner starting.

So for this, you will have to go to Google keyword planner1

Go to google keyword planner

creating high quality content google keyword planner


Then Login To your account If your account not created before then first create account by just felling your general information like name, address, mobile no. etc. and then login.

creating high quality content google keyword planner


Then click on upper search bar and type ” Google Keyword planner”

creating high quality content google keyword planner


And then open the keyword planner, and add your keyword idea relered your topic.


Then you see the result  its show search volume of your keyword and also you get lots of keyword related to your topic.

creating high quality content google keyword planner

If your topic keywords search volume are very less like nothing then its not profitable.

but if search volume is less but competition is also less and this keyword are related some affiliate then its helpful for you.

In this way, you will know whether your topic is profitable or not. And together, you will get keywords that you are going to use in your content going forward.

Read This for completed tutorials of how to use properly Google Keyword Planner.

If you want to work at an advanced level, then you have to use paid tools.

That is why I have brought a special deal for you, you can take the free 14-day trial of semrush by clicking on the button below.

Am also used this tool for all my website works. You can do this like competitor analyses, keyword research, backlink analyses, and more.

You can see the complete information about semrush in this article, what is the feature in semrush.

Click On The Below Button And Activate Your Free Trial

And yes, you do not need to take stress before your free trial ends 14 days; you can cancel your registration. And in this, you do not have to pay even 0.01 Doller.

Point 2: – Analyzed Google Trends

You search your content idea in google trends and see whether the search bar of your topic is increasing or decrease.

And from this, you can guess whether working on this topic is profitable or not.

In this way, you can find a profitable content idea for yourself. If you want to know about it in details, how can we find a profitable niche, then you can read this article of

3. What do people think about that topic

Now comes the time, the content idea finalized by you that is, what is the attitude of your topic towards people.

Because I had told you a line in starting that along with a pro copyrighter, you also have to become a mentalist so that you can know the mind of your readers.

Now in this technic, a lot of people may have trouble that how do we know what people think about our content?

So for this, I give you some useful tips so that you can quickly know whether the content you are going to create or the content you have already created.

What do people think about that?

Point 1:- Analysed Other’s Article

First Go to Google and search your content idea And those top 10 rank articles will come. Go to that and read the comment below those articles.

By doing this activity you know Is the content created by that website useful for everyone?

And if you get a comment in which the answer to whose question is not there in that article, then you must try to answer that question in the expected article.

Point 2:- First Take The Experience Of What You Are Promoting.

If you are creating content about a service. So the best way is to use it first and give your review later.

Otherwise, you should interview such people who have already used it. With this, you will be able to give a piece of useful valuable information to your readers.

Point 3: – Join a High Member Community Like Facebook and Reddit Group

Social media does a lot of work for us. Which can give us a lot of benefits if your friends can take advantage of it rightly?

Now you will ask how?

So let me tell you that by going to Facebook Reddit or any big social media, high community join groups related to your niche and content and see what

discussion of people is started there. You also participate in the discussion there.

high community group by

And when you go on doing a discussion, a part will come that there will be some problem and the answer will be in your article.

Then you refer them to your article. This creates a trust with the people. And then you invite them to join your Facebook group too.

It is a matter of simple psychology that if you help someone, they become trust in you.

4. Proper Keyword Research

Friends, if there is the most significant part of content creation, then it is keyword research.

No matter,,how great an article you create.!!

No matter why he answers all the questions of the article!! But if you have not used the proper keyword, then it is of no use.

So let’s try to think like Google now.

Hey Readers ! if you want to learn about how to find proper keyword then must check out the this awesome video below

So what is Google?

This is basically a huge software made of a line of codes.

In which developers have added some ranking factors to Google.

Meaning if Google got those ranking factors in our article, then our article would be ranked.

And Google’s ranking factor is many. No one knows all of them appropriately. But this keyword is the most significant and essential factor.

And if you have not used the proper keyword, how will Google know that your article is related to which topic?

So, my friends, this is the main reason why keyword research is so important.

Now you know the importance of keyword research;  now you understand how to do proper keyword research?

Semrush is the best tool for you to do keyword research, where you get many facilities.

You can use the 14 days free trial of Semrush for yourself by clicking on the button below.

Click On The Below Button And Activate Your Free Trial

And then later you feel that it is right for you, then you continue it.

But if you want to use free tools to research the keywords, then I also tell you that


1.Google keyword planner

2. Wms everywhere (chrome Extention)

3. Keyword reveler (limited)

4. Ubbersuggest (limited)

You take the help of these tools and find the top 3 main keywords for yourself.

And related to that, search for 3 to 4 keywords and optimize those same keywords in your article.

If you want to know with full advance tips about how keywords are searched and how to optimize them, then you can see this article By

Advanced Pro Tips:

1.If you want to rank an article, then first create quality content.

2.Then make a pillar article on all the questions related to it and interlink all the pillars and main articles with each other.

This will rank your article within the week. And with this, the domain authorities of your site will also increase rapidly.

5. Design Layout Of Your Article

Many people waste a lot of their time while writing content in starting. Because what happens if you are writing about a topic and after creating

Content for some time, you will get some new ideas in it. And then you think “Man, we should not have done it this way, but in that way” and much more.

And then your time in it is wast. And not only you but I also used to confuse in this kind of situation.

I also used to write articles in a normal way until a few days ago.

But when I read the article of Content writing of Mr. Sumit Sao, I also used his technique, and it benefited me a lot.

So if you also want to prepare your article in a speedy way. Before starting the article.

According to the research you have done, you should make a layout of the relevant article.

And in that you have a main heading, sub heading. And all that you feel important

After this, you will not have to take much tension, now you just have to fill the blanks.

With this, you will continue to know what to write next. In this way, you can make your quality content very fast.

I Make this layout before writing this article.

If you do this, Then this is very helpful for you.

6.Used Lots Of Images,Infographics and Videos

If you will continue to create text content, only text. There are no images in it or otherwise, then you have used very few photos.

So maybe the reader may not like your article more.

You have to carry the reader from the beginning to the end of the article without boring it.

If you want your reader to read the entire article, then you have to use the

slippy slide technique. And also lot’s of images and infographics.

So that your user article should be read carefully.

And you will also have to show some proof to the reader in between. That what you are saying, he has used it, and it has also benefited you.

This will create a positive message for the reader in your mind. And you should also use videos in your article.

According to this website and together we are all watching that nowadays people like to watch more videos than reading.

Therefore, make a video on the content you are creating and upload it on your youtube channel,

Then use it in your article.

I Recommended you please watch this video and know How to create amazing infographics for your Article.

You will get 2 benefits from this.

  1. Will be the growth of your youtube channel
  2. Along with this, the reading time of your article will also increase.

And the bounce rate of your site will also be reduced, And if the user stays on your website for a long time. So it is also suitable for the ranks of your site.


7. Look For Questions That Are Related To Your Topic and people could not find the answer to their problems.

Related to the content you are creating, try to answer the questions of as many people as possible.

And if there are some questions that people can come after reading this article.

Answer them by forming a section of the FAQ below the article. After your article is published,

if someone asks you a question in a comment, and if you also feel that this question is right.

This kind of problem can come to other people. Then you add that question to the FAQ of your article as well.


Your High Quality Content is Ready To Published

Cheers !!!!

Now Time To Relax But….

But not long time you also need to promote your article by using different content marketing method ,because of getting traffic on your article .

If you want to this content marketing strategy tips and amazing hack’s and Tips. So i will create amazing full guide of article on Content marketing strategy and tips,



To now, I hope that by reading and understanding the details guide of my article writing,

you will take your initiative today to become a pro copywriter in your future.

And you must have come to know the whole idea now that you are going to benefit significantly in your digital marketing career due to copyrighting.

If you practice writing 1000 words daily, then my guaranty is that you will become a good content writer within 3 to 4 months.

So friends, how did you find our article today, you must tell in the comment.

And If you have any help with this article, then you can also do this article on Facebook,

And share it with your friends too who needs it.

“Shearing is caring”


Thank you…….

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