100+ High DA Blog Commenting Site List For SEO 2021

Are you searching for a high DA blog commenting site list?

So, friend, your search ends by reaching this article.

When I started my blogging journey, I used the Blog commenting method to make a backlink for my Blog just by commenting on the other Blog.

Which greatly benefited my website differently.

Like my site ranking to be increased, referral traffic and much more.

But is Blog commenting important in today’s time? &dDoes it work as well?

These questions will come in your mind.

So I have given your answer in this article.

Read the article from start to end because if you are blogger folks, SEO, or do anything related to digital marketing.

What is Blog Commenting for Seo?

If you want to know what Blog commenting is,

In my opinion, Blog commenting means

“A way of communication. To like readers communicate to the author and Arthur communicate to our readers, and by doing this, build a healthy relationship”

Blog commenting is an excellent way. With which you can write your dought, question or any suggestion

you want to give to the author, in the direct comment section.

If the article author has given you useful information in the article, then you can praise him.

And together if the author miss some information. So you can tell them about it through comments.

To have a maximum comment in an article, it means that the article is more engaging, which people like.

And believe it,

User engagement and user behaviour are good for your Blog, so it will prove beneficial for you.

In future, Because user engagement is also becoming an essential ranking factor 

According to Marcus Tober:

“Looking at the March 2019 Core Algorithm Update, we see another example of Google rewarding user engagement and helpful content. This means that, as the amount of available online content grows, Google is paying more attention to signals that indicate whether users are happy or not.”

So maybe now you know very well about what is Blog commenting.

So let us now know why we need to do Blog commenting.

And what are its benefits to us?

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You must know about it.

Because in today’s article, I am giving you a list of sites for High DA Blog Commenting Site List.

Through which you can build backlinks for your Blog by commenting on the Blog with us.

And at the same time, you can take many benefits from Blog commenting.

Which I have shared with you in this article.

So let’s start with our main content.

Blog Commenting Still Works In 2021?

Perhaps you will be surprised to know that by 2012 many bloggers used to rank their sites only by commenting blogs that get backlinks.

But then the competition was not too much.

And, what is Blog commenting work in 2020 right now?

These questions will come in your mind.

Why am I right?

So my simple answer to this is – Yes

Blog commenting still works

Yes, it is right that you get a no-follow backlink. 

But you get many more benefits from Blog commenting.

Which significantly benefits you and your Blog.

Suppose you want to know How to write perfect blog comment then you can see this video.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

Suppose you are commenting on the Blog. And that too in the right way, then it can prove very beneficial for you.

Many people are commenting on blogs.

So to take the backlink from that high DA authority blog commenting site,

But like I told you. If you are commenting if in a proper way.

Then you will get many more benefits, not only with the backlink.

In the same benefit, I tell you below.

1. Building a Better Relationship 

By using Blog commenting. User to the author.

And from author to user Is a good relationship build.

When we build trust on the eye off our user then it’s long term fenifit of our is fixed, that’s why this is important.

2. Drive Potential Traffic 

Suppose you put one of your valuable comments on authority sites. So with this, you can get a lot of traffic for your Blog.

The traffic will be entirely related to your niche.

Try to comment in such a way that the author will reply to you, for this you can ask them some questions in the comment,

With this, the attention of the people will go more towards your comment.

And with the arrival of traffic, your SERP ranking will also be increased.

3. Build Backlinks

By commenting on the Blog, we get maximum times Nofollow backlinks only,

Which is very important in making our Blog’s Backlink profile natural.

Many people think that No-Follow link is of no use,

But let me tell you that to keep the link profile of our site natural, we need Do-Follow Links, as well as No-Follow backlinks.

If you are an amateur blogger and you have just started your new Blog.

However, if you also get a no-follow backlink from any authority site, it will increase the ranking of your website.

Also, some sites gives Do-Follow Links after commenting on there site. You can do this post for more information. 

They are used commentluv enabled system on there blogs

Pro Tip – If you want traffic to come to your site through a comment in a good amount, then you should not make a simple comment for this,

Tools That I Used For Blog Commenting

I use some tools to do Blog commenting work well, which you can know about below.

Easy Blog Commenting chrome extension –

Easy Blog Commenting This is a chrome extension which he has built famous Indian blogger harsh Agarwal founder of shoutmeloud.

This extension is beneficial in commenting on the Blog,

 In which you can create a profile for five types of commenting.

You can create a total of 5 profiles with your name, email, and five different Linux.

With this, you go to any article.

 So automatically your profile data gets added in the comment section of the article, This saves your time.

Get This Extentation


While commenting, there must be no grammatical mistakes in your comment.

This can cause problems in approving your comment, for this, I use Grammarly,

Even if I have a mistake. So I fix it.

Try Grammarly


When we comment on the others blog, that time you must set your gravatar profile.

The advantage of this is that whenever you comment on any site, the gravatar pick you have selected is yours. It is a show there.

Moz bar

Moz bar from a free chrome extension of Moz.

You will continue to know how much DA PA and spam score of the website you are commenting on from this.

How to Find The High Authority Blog Commenting Site list (Specific Niche )

I have given you a list of 100 plus authoritative sites in today’s article.

On which you can comment the Blog.

But if you want a list of more sites, and if your niche is anything other than blogging. And if you want a blog commenting site related authority from your niche,

I am giving you some keywords below. By searching for it, you will find many sites.

  • blog commenting Sites, “your niche.”
  • blog commenting sites for SEO
  • blog commenting sites list for SEO
  • Instant approval blog commenting sites list “Your niche.”
  • Instant approval blog commenting sites list
  • Dofollow Blog commenting sites list

High DA PA Blogging & SEO Blog Commenting Site

High DA PA Technology Blog Commenting Site List

High DA PA Health, Fitness Related Blog Commenting Site

High DA PA Lifestyle Blog Commenting Site 

High DA PA Finance Blog Commenting Site 

High DA PA Education Blog Commenting Site 

  • http://blogs.bu.edu/                    DA – 90
  • http://blogs.oregonstate.edu/      DA – 89
  • https://my.carthage.edu/             DA – 63
  • http://writing.wisc.edu/                DA – 91
  • https://my.slc.edu/                        DA – 62
  • http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu/ DA – 81
  • http://sites.psu.edu/                     DA – 92
  • http://jdunn.journalism.cuny.edu/ DA – 81
  • http://blogs.uww.edu/                 DA – 72
  • http://blog.ltc.mq.edu.au/            DA – 81
  • http://ausis.edu.au/                      DA – 39
  • http://runcielab.ucdavis.edu/       DA – 86
  • https://du-in.academia.edu/        DA – 89
  • http://www.peacockroom.wayne.edu/        DA – 74
  • http://mediamusings.dsc.rmit.edu.au/        DA – 83

FAQs Related Blog Commenting


Ans – This is a great way to increase engagement with your readers.

So if the user asks you a question in the comment section, then answer his question. By doing this, the user will trust you.

And by replying to his comments, They will also feel that you are giving them value.

Blog commenting will lead to good relationship building.


Ans – Suppose you read the article on authority blogs. You understand and make a valid comment.

Then the author will start to notice you slowly. And your name will keep on remembering them.

Which you can take advantage of in many ways in the future. Like you can invite them for roundup posts or interviews.

Believe it works,


So friends, in today’s article, we learned the advantages of blog commenting, and many tips,

along with a list of 50 plus high authority blog commenting site list in today’s article.

Which you can create backlinks for your website. & together you can build a good relationship with other like-minded bloggers.

High Authority Blog Commenting Sites List For SEO 2020

Affiliate Disclosure – We use affiliate Links at someplace on this website, This means that if you click on that link and buy some service/product through this link. So in return, I get some small amount of commission from that product/service company at no additional cost to you.

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