Hostbet Review 2021: Is It Best Affordable Web Hosting?

Are you looking best cheap web hosting in India with SSL and lots of other benefits like LiteSpeed Webserver, Free Weekly Backup, and much more? Then you are in the right place.

Because in today’s Hostbet review article, we are discussing everything related to Hostbet web hosting. Like which thing you should consider before buying this web hosting. And how and why Hostbet is the best option for you.

So let’s start Hostbet review in detail, so you know about this web hosting because currently, Hostbet is not so popular in India, but still provide too good service and support to their customer.

So let’s start.

About Hostbet

Hostbet is one of India’s best cheap web hosting services and server management services providers, founded by Piyush Maheswari back in 2019.

Hostbet is not so famous in India nowadays, but soon they will gain more exposure because of their service and fewer plans.  

Hostbet founder’s main motive is to provide as much as possible value to their users.

And this attitude will provide the benefit.

Why Hostbet is the best choice for you (Features of hostbet)

1. Lightspeed web server

As we know, the website loading speed is essential to rank any website in google, and without quality uptime, web hosting is not worthy; that’s why Hostbet provides a Lightspeed web server.

For boosting your website speed and performance.

2. Free Weekly Backup

Taking backup of your website is the crucial thing; that’s why it’s essential; Hostbet offers free weekly backup for your website

3. SSD Storage

Hostbet provides SSDs and NVMe storage which is 10x time faster than HDD storage.

4. 24/7 Support

Providing effective and satisfactory support to your users is the essential thing in any business, especially in recurring type business like web hosting, so Hostbet provides quality 27-7 support to their users. Hostbet offers direct chat support through WhatsApp and messenger,

And when users need any exceptional support, then a ticket system is also available here

5. 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

After buying Hostbet web hosting, you can quickly initiate your refund request if you want to back your money. They will never ask any single question about this, and you get a 7-day money-back guarantee from Hostbet

Hostbet Pricing and plans 

1. Hostbet Shared Hosting

In Hostbet shared hosting, you get four different plans which are a starter, Innovator, Professional, Business.

And Pricing is started from 60rs per month to 300rs per month.

hostbet review 2021

2. Reseller Hosting

If you want to resell hosting, you can try Hostbet reseller web hosting because its price is too low. 

In Hostbet reseller hosting, you get six different plans: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Andromeda.

And the Pricing is started from 200rs per month to 2500 rs per month.


3. VPS Hosting

VPS is one of my favorite web hosting types because it provides too fast for your website. 

Here HostBet offers 10 types of VPS plans.


4. Dedicated Servers Plans

Hostbet provides 2 Powerful Intel Xeon Dedicated Servers plans, which help you boost your overall website performance. 



So fiends in today’s Hostbet review article, we will discuss almost everything related to this web hosting. 

Hostbet is the best choice if you find the best cheap web hosting in India, so you must try this web hosting once; you will not be disappointed.

While purchasing Hostbet hosting, if you can get some discount, you can connect to their support they will provide you with some discount.

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  1. Hi Yogesh,

    It was a very informative read! Thanks a lot for reviewing Hostbest. Several Indian friends of mine are looking for affordable hosting solutions, and I think I will be recommending Hostbet to them. I really liked how you shared all the features of this solution, it will be very easy for people to review and make a better decision. Thanks a lot for including everything including pricing in your articles. I will be sharing this resource with my friends to help them decide better.


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