How To Start A Blog In 2021 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

Do you want to start blogging in 2021?

And you are finding ways to Understand How to start a blog.

If your answer is yes! So this can be one of the best decisions of your life.

Because if you have heard about blogging from anywhere and you have come to know.

How much ability does blogging have? This is a natural thing. That you too will start being interested in blogging

Let me tell you that blogging is a field where if you give a minimum of 1 year to blogging correctly, blogging can help you change your entire life.

Here is one live example, maybe you heard about Umer Kureshi founder of This is one of the youngest successful blogger in India.

Umer started his blog in 2017 and within 1 year he is starting to earn more than thousands of dollars monthly.

Now I think you too must have realized how much blogging has potential.

Below i add umer life journy video, before starting your blogging journey you must watch. You get a strong motivation.

Just when it comes to work here, to work honestly. If you are serious about your blogging work, no one can stop you from being successful in blogging within the next year.

Okay, Sounds Like Woww..


Now you have decided that you have to do blogging and know about how to start a blog.


And many of you may have already started blogging, but you cannot succeed in blogging.


So what can be the reason behind this? If you are looking for this, this article can prove excellent and beneficial for you.


Because friends, in today’s article, we are going to tell you how you can start your blogging career from start to end.


And my friends who are already doing blogging will also get answers to many questions in this article.


So friends, Now we start our todays main content.

Dont worry we are explainig you evey thing in staep by step 

Table of Contents

Way to get Blogging Work Motivation #truth

So, friends, we all know that whoever comes in blogging should always have an extra income from this motive.

You may have seen or heard many people saying that if you come into blogging, thinking that we will earn money.

So this is wrong, and you can never make money from it, but in my opinion.

It is false.

Because if we are not getting output from anything. So we will not get any motivation in doing that work

And on the other hand if we do something like this, we will also have extra income.

So in doing that work, we will have to get automatic motivation. So if you also want to start a passive income? Then read the article carefully and know how to start a your blogging career.

Before knowing these 4 points, I would like to give you an Extra Tip. Which you will always keep in mind

Extra Tip :- Many people come to blogging after seeing the success of the famous blogger. It is okay that we are inspired than anyone.

But people make the mistake that people leave everything and start blogging.

Like any student came to know about blogging, then he abandons his studies and starts blogging.

I want to clear you here that you start blogging as a part-time in the beginning and if you succeed in it.

Then you can make it your permanent business. So now I feel that you must have decided to start blogging.

So we know what things we have to take care of before starting blogging.

Select A Proper Niche For Your Blogging Journey

Friends, you have come to this article on doing Google search or some other way. This means that if you have come to this article, you can know about blogging.

So before starting blogging, we have to take some crucial steps. Choosing a profitable niche is a significant step in your blogging journey.

If you made any mistake in selecting your blogging niche, you will start blogging, but you will not be able to run a blog for that long with that niche up-to, you not getting all idea related to how to start a blog.

So that’s why you need to select your niche. And that to choose a correct way.

So what is called niche?

“If this question is coming into your mind, then I want to tell you what it means. So friends if you search for something particular on Google.

And if you get any information, it is related.” Like, suppose you are searching for something about the top 10 washing machines, and you find a website on Google and on that website you get articles of all the washing machines and related information from the same.

So that website is a niche based website. And that site has a washing machine. So friends, by this example, you might have come to know what is niche.

What is Niche in simple language

“Niche means to build your entire website on one particular topic and covering everything informanation related your niche”

In the following, I give you a list of some website names and their niche, which is of different category. This will make you understand better

So now the question comes.

How do you select your niche?

So for this, I would like to give you some tips Which help you to select a profitable Niche.

  • According to your interest
  • Take a low competition niche
  • By doing market research
  • Confirm that niche is profitable
So discusses one by one

According to your interest

As our first point is to choose your niche according to your interest. This means that you know yourself and see what kind of thing is that,

which is the topic about which you can talk a lot, and that too without any preparation?

If there is such a topic, then it means that you have a lot of interest in that topic.

This is the most effective way to select a blogging niche. Because if you are blogging according to your interest, you will never get bored while blogging.

And this will not be your work, but you will find a way to enjoy it. And if you do not get your work done, you will start enjoying it.

So it will be such a good thing for you. And it will help you to start a blog in 2020.”

Take a low competition niche.

If you are not getting any of your interest. So this does not mean that you cannot do blogging.

But if you start working on any niche, then it is apparent that you will not succeed in that niche as soon as possible.

And when you fail in it, after a few days, your own mind will ask you not to blogging. So in such kind of condition you have to choose a low competition niche.

You will benefit from this that you will start seeing its results in a short time. And when you begin generating little income. 

So you will be motive yourself to work automatically.

Market Research

So if you still do not know what niche you want to choose for your blogging career, then you can also select a niche for yourself by doing market research.

Now you have to do it this way?

That you will have to research what trending is going on at the moment right now.

Let’s assume that people are currently playing a lot of ludo king games. So now you can set your website on peoples by selecting relegated news from ludo king and blogging niche to give new information.

Now some questions will be coming in the mind of my friends here, What would be the benefit if only by blogging on such a topic?

So, friends, there are many such examples that people earn millions by working on only one topic. And this is called Micro niche blogging.

So if you also want to start blogging. So select your niche in these ways and start your blog and you get understand how to start a blog.

I have full faith in you, if you keep strolling on the path shown by me, then you will definitely get success in blogging within at least 1 year.

Niche Is profitable or Not confirm it?

Now I am telling you this as an extra tip. By now, you must have selected the right niche for yourself from the above methods.

But I want to tell you that whenever you select any of your niches. So do a complete analysis of that niche.

Before working on that niche, know about more that the blogging niche that you have selected.

Your Selected Blogging Niche is profitable Or Not?

Which will not waste your time. And if we assume that there is no traffic on the niche you have selected, and that which is not beneficial for you.

So you will be very disappointed with blogging, and you will feel that there is no potential in blogging. And you will live to demotivate.

It is better that you take care before selecting your blogging niche. So now that you have learned about blogging, what is blogging niche?

And how to chooes blogging niche?

So now I think you have got some idea of your future blogging work.

Now I assumed that you have selected your niche. 

So now you need to practically implement your niche, for which now you have to set up your blog website.

So let us now know this step by step that how to create your blog website on wordpress from scratch to end.

Select A Good Domain

So while you have selected your niche, we have to make a blog website related to it. first of all, we need a domain to create a website.

Now some of you will know what is called domain. But maybe there will be some friends of ours who do not know.


What is the domain?

So I would like to tell them that. I will not tell you in technical language what a domain called is?

If I tell you, then you must have seen all behind the website.


So this is behind the name of the website .com in .org .net is called domain extensions. We will need a similar top level domain to select our website.

you have to select your domain extension according to your blogging location and language.

This means that if you are going to start your blogging in the English language,so i will always suggest you to chooes .com domain.

Because the .com domain is used worldwide. 

And if you are about to start your blog in a regional language, you should select your country-wise domain.

For example, if you are going to start your blog in the Hindi language. Then you will have to select the country domain of India for .in




What is this country wise domain?


And what are the types of domains? Will we see these in another article in detail.


And while selecting the domain, you will have to choose your domain name according to the niche.


Like you have chosen your niche of “blogging”. So you can get some domain like or and our


Something like this.


I mean that you choose your domain name in some way so that by looking at the domain name, what type of content is the user on that website, this user should get an idea.


which type of information we get in this website.

So you will get many websites to buy the domain. So, where you can get your favorite domain for a low price, you can take your area from there.


But I think to buy your domain, and I would suggest you go from because provides excellent service for the domain.


And till date, I have purchased all the domains for the same from GoDaddy. Like you can see the list of my area which I have bought.

Steps To Buy Domain

Step 1:- Click Here After you reach on the here you search your domain in the upper search bar. 

Like i search

And check your desire domain availability. its available or not. for more info you can see below image.

So if this domain is available, then you will see it. And if it is not available, then GoDaddy will show you that this domain has already been taken by someone.

If available then you can click on add it to cart. And continue shopping and buy the domain.

Friends, you will get an option above checkout while buying a domain. You have a promo code button, you have to click on it and add a right promo code to it. 

With this, you will get a discount of up to a certain percentage.

Now you purchased your domain name.

if you are found any other site where you get domain in less price then you can go there and buy domain from this site.

process is same like godaddy. 


3.Select A Best Uptime Provider Hosting

If you want your blogging journey to start well. 

And not only to start well but also for a long time and if you start getting profit soon as possoble, you have to choose a good and reputed hosting for your website.


Hosting is a crucial step when starting blogging.


Because what will be your website’s speed, it also depends a lot on the uptime of your hosting. And any user who will come to your website.


Whether it came from Google search or any other method if a user comes to your site.


And if your site takes time to load. So obviously, any user will be irritated by this.


Because in today’s busy life, people have a habit of doing everything very quickly. And if it takes time to open your site, then why would anyone stop on your website.


And there is also another loss due to the reduced speed of the site, And that is that it increases the bounce rate of your site.


And this will cause your site ranking to decrease. This will happen when a user comes to your site by searching Google. And he will click on the site.


So everyone stops for at least 2,4 seconds. And when your site does not open. Those users go back to your site. And with this, Google will get the notification that users are coming to your site.


But there is some problem with your site, so they are going back.

Friends, this is my personal experience.


By looking at the graph given below, you can guess how low my site ranking had fallen.

The same problem was happening to one of my websites. So now that you know how much importance hosting has in blogging.


Now comes the time for you to buy proper hosting. I would like to tell you one more thing here.


I have seen many new bloggers who think they first select a simple, cheap price hosting when they start blogging. And when our site ranks and generates some income from it, it will take some good hosting.


But I want to tell you that they make mistakes on this. And because of this, it takes a lot of time for their site to be ranked. And sometimes, nobody can be ranked.


So that’s why I think you should buy a best hosting at the beginning itself. 


Now the question is, which hosting is best for beginners? Now the answer is that there are lot’s of good hosting are available in market.


But In my opinion every beginners should use GreeenGeeks, Bluehost Hosting or A2 Hosting because this all this hosting uptime is excellent. also its provide good Support.


Which has a good experience of itself?

And I also use A2 Hosting for my site . And you must have seen the result of using this hosting when you open my site.

How fast is my site loaded?

Look at the images given below, in which I have shown you the speed of my hosting.

When I chose Bluehost for my site, my website speed increased by leaps and bounds.

As you can see in the image below.

So now the importance of your hosting and which hosting will prove to be right for you, you have understood this well.

So now we see what angle steps you have to take to buy hosting. You follow the details step given below one by one, and you will buy hosting with us.

You will not have any problem with this, it is my guaranty.

So now the question comes,

How to buy hosting ? S o i tell you step by step guide to buy hosting A2 Hosting.

So you follow all the steps. So you will not face any problem in buying hosting.

If you have to buy hosting from another hosting provider, then you will have to follow all similar steps.

Affiliate Disclosure:- If you buy hosting from my affiliate link. it will not add any extra cost in the total price of the product rather I will get some commission from the hosting company. I will be helpful for me and i will provide you lot’s of amazing content like this.

BONUS:- After purchasing Hosting From My Affiliate link just send me your details with hosting invoice and then i will personally guide you to how to build your blog from scratch to publishing your first awesome content. also i provide you lot’s of premium things FREE Of Cost.

First of all click on this Special Discount Link 

a2 hosting

Now you landed on this above page . now here you want to select your hosting plans.


A2 Hosting provide different type of hosting plans like Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting. 

I Know lot’s of our reader are here which are Amateur Blogger / New Blogger. So If you really series about your blogging or Business journey So i recommended you to select VPS Hosting.

But if your budjet is not much so go with A2 Shared Hosting after some time you switch to anothe hosting plans

So Now click To Shared Hosting. 

And Then select your hosting plan according to your future plans and budjet. i wil recommended you to select A2 Turbo Boost Shared Hosting Plan.

But !!

choice is yours  

A2 Shared Hosting

Now Time to select your domain if you alreday have a your Dream Domian then click on “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers ” but if you don’t have domain then i recommended you don’t buy domain through A2 because it’s will be costly for you. You can buy domain from Godaddy or Namecheap.


Now here you can see below image you are come on final checkout page , before click to continue must check your all details. and then click on the continue button. 

After that next step is to Just check all things again and click to Checkout.

Now move checkout page to payment page . then add your suitable payment method pay the money.

4. Set Up Your WordPress Blog

So now you brought the hosting meaning is that you take blogging seriesly and now we need to start a wordpress blog. so first we need to setup our blog.

I assumed that you buy A2 Hosting so you can see something like this below image. 

Step-1 :- You can simply click on C-panel.

how to start a blog in 2021

Step 2 :- Now you land on A2 Hosting C-panel click on the WordPress A2 Optimized 

Step 3 :- Now time to install wordpress for that simply just click on Install wordpress and & Fill all Important Details below . Like your Blog Domain Name, primary email, site Username and password like this and then click on install.

Now you successfully Install wordpress on your blog. Now just Login in the wordpress using your site credentials.

If you have any problem while installing wordpress then contact me i will personally help you also you can watch the below wordpress installation guide video.

5. Select Light Waight Theme

Now you are properally Install wordpress on your blog . time to customize our blog so then its looking professional . so for this custmization we need first select a seo friendly theme. 

and make sure our select theme will be light weaight because if it’s havey then it’s take time to load and it’s affect bad result of our site ranking .

that’s why we need light weaight  & fast loaded theme. 

so the question come Which WordPress theme we need to select ?

there are lot’s of Free as well as premium themes are available. but if you are blogger and want to rank quickly so as per my suggestion used Generatpress or Astra Theme.

this both theme are very amazing , personally i used Generatpress Premium theme for our website 

The generetpress has Available in both type like FREE version and Premium version. Generatepress is the multiperpose website we can used this theme for different types of work. 

also lot’s of Pro blogger prefer to generatpress theme you can see what pro bloggers say about generatpress in below image

Click here to purchase GeneratePress premium

GeneratePress is one of my favorite WordPress themes. It’s absolutely a bargain for the price when you see the features it has got to offer you.
Akshay Hallur
Founder Of
GeneratePress is a lightweight theme that can be extended with a premium pack of extensions. It will work with all page builders and has the most extensive documentation of any theme.
Adam Preiser
Founder Of

Still you confused about selecting your theme as generatpress check the below awasome featers of generatpress premium 


GeneratePress Features That Make It Unique

So make sure you can Purches this theme before End the Sell, because currently Black friday sell is live on generatpress theme you can get upto 60% OFF on generatpress premium . So go and grab this oppertunity .This offer live for very limited time so Grab this oppertunity.

Sorry For That! But GeneratPress Black Friday Offer is Expired. But Wait! Wait! The offer will be live again very soon.
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