25 Instant Website Traffic Booster Strategies #12 Must Read

When you are creating a blog, your primary concern will always be the getting  traffic. After all, you cannot call your blog a success if nobody visits it and reads your content.

However, you do not need rocket science to increase website traffic. There is also no need to wait for months and years to generate a steady flow of traffic. All you need are some simple strategies to boost traffic to the website.

For this i say website traffic boosters strategies. Find out what those strategies and tips are below.

You must apply this instant website traffic booster strategies and get thousands of visitor every month.

25 Instant Website Traffic Booster Strategy

1. Perform Keyword Research

There is no getting around this fact. You need to perform some keyword research if you want to boost traffic to the website. 

Keyword research helps you discover the phrases and words that people are using to discover the content they want via search engines. 

Beginners generally rely on guesswork to determine keywords for their content. However, if you want more blog traffic, you need to use tools and data to find the right set of keywords. 

You can quickly get many useful keyword research tools for free online. but if you want to work on advance level and want to find lots of money making keywords .

So free keywords reserch not help you for more because Free tools have some limitation.

That’s why you used SEMrush Compitator reserch tools this is the one of the best seo tools ever, you can read complete Semrush Review by click here.

2. Create Pillar Content

Now that you have performed keyword research, it becomes easier for you to create pillar content. 

Pillar content is those pieces that are highly comprehensive and provide in-depth information about specific topics. 

Pillar content also makes it easy to create additional blog posts as you can choose particular points from the central pillar content. 

Create pillar content for every primary keyword you are targeting

Pillar content

3. Create an Editorial Calendar

After performing keyword research, you should have lots of ideas for new posts. It is an excellent idea to organize these ideas into a planned list in an editorial calendar. 

The editorial calendar tells you what content will be posted on which day. It also allows you to take advantage of specific dates for the subject you are writing on. 

For example, a blog about movies can post certain content on the birthdays of actors. Such posts can boost traffic to the website on those days.

4. Improve Readability Of Your Article

If your blog posts are not easily readable, your traffic will fall. To increase website traffic instantly: Work on improving the readability. 

Choose fonts that are easy on the eye. Break up the content into smaller sentences and paragraphs. 

for this website Bloggingscan Yogesh Uses mostly “Muli” font.

Choose larger fonts and increased line spacing. Add images and other visual elements to keep the reader engaged.

5. Perform Basic SEO

Search engine optimization is your best way to increase instant website traffic . The good news is that you do not need to be an expert to get the best results. 

Even following some basic SEO practices can go a long way in making your blog look better to the search engines. 

This includes steps like using the right URL naming structure, optimizing images, and so on.

6. Implement Internal Linking

Internal linking is vital for good SEO. They help search engines understand the relationship and context between the different posts on your blog. 

Using them strategically can improve page views while redoing bounce rates. As such, make it a point to include internal links whenever you post a new article on your blog.

Example Of Interlink

interlink (instant website traffic)

7. Add Visuals

People like visuals. Presenting them with just a large chunk of text is only going to make them feel bored. 

As such, they are not likely to read the whole article and leave quickly. To prevent this, add colorful visuals to your blogs such as images, charts, animations, infographics, and more. 

These will help reduce bounce rates, which is good for SEO. In the long run, they will also boost traffic to the website.

8. Add Videos

Videos are easily the most attractive medium of content online. Therefore, you should consider adding them to your blog. 

As a beginner in blogging, there is no need to invest heavily in making videos. There are plenty of free video tools available online, which you can use to create exciting videos for your blog.

 For best results, upload videos to a different platform such as YouTube and then embed them in your blog posts. 

This will help you take advantage of YouTube to drive traffic to the website.

9. Share Posts on Social Media

Social media offers you one of the best ways to generate views and increase blog traffic today. 

Therefore, you must make it a point to share your articles on the different social media platforms whenever you post them. 

Your blog should already have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

instant website traffic

10. Share Old Posts

You can go one step further with social media and share your old posts to increase views and traffic to the website. 

However, it would help if you were careful here. You do not want to be sharing them too often. 

Otherwise, your medial social followers may feel that you are spamming them. 

11. Share Images to Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that revolves around images and photography. Therefore, use the visuals you have created to share on Instagram. 

Do not forget to use the right set of hashtags with your posts. Without them, it will be challenging to gain visibility for your blog on Instagram.

Instagram Reach is like amazing you can see yogesh’s one of instagram account reach in below image 

Instagram reach

12. Pin to Pinterest

Just like Instagram, Pinterest is a social platform that is all about images. Therefore, you should pin your blog images on this social platform as you do with Instagram. 

This increases the chances of getting new readers and viewers as you work to increase website traffic. 


13. Use Quora and other Q&A Sites

You may have already noticed that Quora, TripAdvisor, and other similar Q&A sites tend to appear on the first page for any search engine queries. 

As such, you should consider using them to rapidly increase website traffic to the website. 

14. Work on Building Email List

Even in the age of social networks, an email is a powerful tool for growing your reader base. Many beginners tend to focus on getting new readers. 

However, they forget that most new readers will not return. As such, you should focus on your existing reader base and get them to visit your site again and again. To do so, you need to invest in creating an email list.

15. Build Backlinks

Another excellent method of getting more traffic is by getting backlinks. There are several strategies that you can employ to do so. 

One of the most effective is guest blogging. You can ask other blogs and publications to post one of your articles. In return, you get a free backlink to your blog. 

This makes your blog appear more authoritative, and it increases the chances of getting increased blog traffic.

16. Repurpose Old Content

Once you have been blogging for a while, you may find it harder to develop new topics. This is where your old content will prove to be of value. 

Start to repurpose your old blog posts. You can add new and more relevant content to update those blogs before sharing them again.

17. Participate in Groups Online

So in thecontent marketing strategy, another way to use social networks is to engage in their host communities.

You are sure to find groups and communities online that focus on the same theme as your blog. Take your time to discover these communities and join them. Participate in their conversations.

When doing so, you will find new opportunities to share your blog and blog posts, giving you more traffic.

18. Improve Website Design

The design of your blog site goes a long way in affecting the traffic to the website. An impressive design will make your viewers come back again and again. 

However, a poorly executed plan can even hurt your rankings on search engine results. Therefore, take your time and select a web design that is clutter-free and also free from issues. 

If using WordPress for your blog, you are sure to find many incredible designs for free.

19. Optimize Site Speed

In addition to the web design, you must also focus on the speed of your blog site. A faster loading time will increase your ranking. 

That, in turn, will increase blog traffic to your site. There are several methods for improving site speed, such as image optimization and caching.

you can check this video for incresing your website speed.

20. Respond to Comments

People tend to prefer sites that allow them to engage. As such, you should consider driving the engagement rates by responding to the comments left behind on the blog posts. 

This makes it more likely for the readers to visit your site often, which helps increase traffic of your website. It would help if you also did the same for the comments left behind on the social networks.

21. Blog Regularly to Increase Website Traffic

A common mistake that many amateur bloggers make in the beginning is failing to post regularly. 

Even if they do, there is no proper schedule for the same. However, this will only hurt your readership as your readers will be confused about when they can expect a new post. Therefore, make it a point to blog at least two times a week on fixed days.

22. Develop Discussions

A great way to increase blog traffic and viewership is by creating discussions. For example, you can ask readers to provide their views on the comments. You can even create an entire blog post for the sake of debate. 

Encouraging such discussions can go a long way in making your blog seem engaging, allowing you to draw in more readers. 

23. Improve your Content

As a blogger, you cannot ignore your content’s quality in pursuit of more traffic to the website. You are more likely to lose the traffic that way. 

Therefore, make it a point to invest in your skills as a blogger. Offering better and more exciting blog posts can go a long way in helping to increase blog traffic.

24. Use Catchy Blog Post Title

A good headline can be invaluable for the success of your blog. A good headline catches the attention of the readers and gets more clicks. 

If you want to increase your website traffic, it is best if you work on your ability to create powerful and impressive headlines. 

25. Get Analytics and other SEO Tools

Google Analytics and other SEO tools can go a long way in helping you increase blog traffic. 

They can help you identify keywords to target and articles to improve. There is no need to buy expensive tools. There are plenty of free options available online. Most of them are easy to understand and use, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to increase website traffic through google ?

Using performing SEO practice on your website like On-Page SEO Off-Page SEO and when your all SEO stategry work and your targeted keywords rank in google you get Traffic from Google 

Q2. How long does it take for a new website to get traffic?

It is totally depend upon your effort and hardwork. but according to some SEO experts when any new website launch then after 6 month website start getting traffic. because google sandbox still working inside. and the google test every new website.

Q3. How can I check traffic on Google? 

It’s very simple task to see your website traffic using google analytics you can easily check your entire website with also you can check lots of other factors. Like from which location you getting maximum traffic. your rank keyword traffic and much more.

Q4. How to increase website traffic without SEO ?

SEO is not only source of traffic you can get traffic without SEO below are some factor using that you get traffic without SEO

1. Infographics

2.Interview of Famous Your Niche Experts

3. Organize Giveway

4. Social Media

5. Email Marketing

Final Word

These are the 25 ways to increase instant website traffic. There are plenty of other things that you can do as well. If you need help with your blog traffic, you can comment below.

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