Exclusive Interview With Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj Founder Of BloggingQnA

interview with mangesh kumar bhardwaj

Q1. Can you tell about yourself for our readers

Hello Everyone, First of All, Thanks Sayan for Inviting me to your blog. This is Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj a 22 years old Full-Time Blogger, YouTuber, Affiliate Marketer, and Founder of BloggingQnA.com and Youtube Channel.

Apart from this, I also have a Facebook Community – “BloggingQNA” and a Telegram group.

Q2. Why and how you start blogging?

I started my blogging journey in October 2016 when I was in my second year of Graduation. I struggled for almost 1.8 years and after that, I made my first dollar from Google AdSense.

To know about that particular story you can watch the video below.

Q3. What’s your best strength in Blogging related skills?

According to me my strength in blogging is research. I spend a lot of time doing research. I believe if you can spend most of your time in research then other things will be very easy for you.

If you spend 80% of your time in research, you will find good topics, ideas, and niche ideas. Trust me your other blogging task will be very smooth and easy. You will get results fast.

Q4. How you manage your time for your blogging and other works ?

Honestly speaking,  I can’t give any tips because I am very bad at time management. I do the work when I feel like working. Otherwise, I leave it.

This is one of the problems that I am facing these days. Figuring out how I can manage things with time.

Q5. You faced any challenging movement in your blogging journey so far?

Like every amateur blogger, I also faced the traffic generation problem and, most importantly, no proper guidance about blogging.

Even these days many people, mostly on youtube are misguiding newbies and beginners by showing earning proofs and, telling them some quick and short ways to get success in blogging.

The harsh truth is “Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme” It takes time and hard work. So it’s very important to follow the right people who can guide you in the right way.

My suggestion to all the newbies is to leverage social media for initial traffic and, most importantly, follow the right mentor into your niche who can guide you the best.

And one more tip I want to give is; don’t trust anybody blindly. After watching any video or reading articles, Do your own research and then start work on anything. 

Q6. Blogging vs Youtube Give opinion about this ?

Both are amazing. You need to decide what suits you most. If you are camera-friendly and don’t like writing and other things then go for Youtube.

If you are camera conscious. Don’t want to show your face then go for blogging.

But my best suggestion is If you can do both simultaneously. That will be the best thing.

Q7. In 2021 blogging is still a profitable business ?

Yes, 100% no doubt about that. You can make thousands of dollars from blogging. You need to work in the right direction with a perfect strategy.

And you are good to go. 

You can check out the below video for more clarification on this.

Q8. In your opinion Affiliate Marketing is dead or not ?

Again a Big no, Affiliate marketing will never die. Even In India people are not exploring it more. So it will be a great source of income.

What’s is the best way to grow a new blog?

Here I will give 3 tips that will help you grow your new blog. These tips I didn’t follow in my initial days and  I regret that. But I highly recommend every newbie to follow it.

  1. Start Building your ecosystem from day 1 so that you will never depend on Google only.
  2. Organic traffic will come after a few months. Till new utilize all social media platforms for initial traffic.
  3. Do networking in your niche. It will give you more exposure and help you in growing as a brand.

If you follow the above tips correctly. No one can stop your blog.

Q9. What is your biggest Success in your life so far?

Till now, I don’t think I have achieved that much that I want. Still trying my best to achieve my main goal.

But yes, apart from that blogging gave me time freedom, financial freedom, work freedom. This is the success I can say I have achieved till now.

But yes my ultimate goals are still pending.

Q10. For which task you gave more preference Strong Marketing Strategy or Quality Content

Both are important. You need to focus on both. Both will be beneficial for everyone. Without quality content marketing won’t help you to grow.

And without marketing, no one will see your quality content.

So you need to take care of both things accordingly.

Q11. Can you give some tips for new blogger regarding affiliate marketing?

Here I will share the main 3 tips that I learned from my initial days of affiliate marketing.

1. Learn the art of writing affiliate articles. The way of writing is completely different from the other informational articles. You need to write in a way that people will benefit from your writing.

2. Always promote limited products at one point in time. Or I will say promote only 1 product at a time. This will build trust in your audience and you will get more sales. Promoting multiple products will confuse your audience and the result will be zero sales.

Q12. Can you tell what is your highest Earning At Single Time ?

Till date, my highest earning of 1 month was 10K dollars approx.

for earning proofs you can join me on Instagram here:- https://www.instagram.com/themangesh_kumar_bhardwaj/

From time to time I am sharing earning proofs there. Also uploaded my video on my channel regarding the earnings.

Q13.  Which hosting You used for your site , and which one you recommend to our readers

Yeah, Sure.

For hosting, I recommend A2hosting, Siteground, Greengeeks, and Bluehost who have some good budgets for hosting.

For cheap hosting, You can check out hostinger and Namecheap hosting.

Q14. Any suggestions for our Blog

Brother, you are doing amazing work.. Keep up the good work. Just one thing I want to suggest. You have selected a very competitive niche.

So keep doing hard work with patience and consistency.  That is the only thing that will give you the best results. And don’t forget the power of networking.

My best wishes with you. More and more power and success to you brother.

interview with mangesh kumar bhardwaj

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