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Hello friends, welcome to all of you. In our first article of the bloggingscan interview series.

From now on we will invite experts from our blogging industry for an interview on our blog.

So that we can learn something from their experience. And we could know a little more about our guests. So, our bloggingscan interview series is our first guest today is.

Mr. Ravi Dixit, he is a founder of one of my favorite blog

He shares his blogging knowledge, blogging tips & tricks, SEO tips, keyword research techniques and more on his blog,

And if you also want to learn blogging at the advanced level, then you must visit staymeonline.

So let us start our game answer game with Ravi dixit without any delay.

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself to BloggingScan readers?

Hello, Lovely readers! 

I’m Ravi Dixit, founder of StayMeOnline. I’m a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer from New Delhi, India. 

I started my blogging career in May 2016 as a part-time blogger but in July 2019, I took blogging as full-time

My main motive behind taking blogging as a career is the freedom that I want in my life, I always wanted to be my own boss and want to work from anywhere and at any time.

Q2. Please tell us what’s the story behind starting

I am not a 9 to 5 job kind of person, always hated working on a schedule. I always wanted time freedom. This is what attracted me to blogging. 

One day I searched about “methods to make money online” and landed on a page where I found Blogging as the most reliable method to make money online.

Then I fell in love with Blogging because it can give me the time and place freedom that I always wanted… So I started learning more about blogging and other related topics.

So the time came when I needed to start my blog, my domain name was clear to me “StayMeOnline”. Because there is a funny story behind this…

My relatives were complaining to my parents that your son is using the internet all the time and staying online on various platforms like Facebook and others. 

But they don’t know what I was doing, I was learning, I was sharpening my knowledge to start my blog.

So I got this name Stay Me Online… and bought the as my domain name.

A clear message to all those people who were complaining: please stay me online because I know what I am doing.

Q3. Can you tell Your favourite bloggers name and why?

Harsh Agarwal is the man I learnt blogging from, I landed on the ShoutMeLoud’s post when I was looking for methods to make money online.

Then started reading all its blog posts one by one to increase my knowledge about blogging and other topics. 

Here are a few more names who I really admire: 

  1. Anil Agarwal from BloggersPassion
  2. Umer Qureshi from GuideBlogging
  3. Sumit Sao from BloggingLift
  4. Chayan Chakarbarti from SimpleFactsOnline
  5. Santanu Debnath from BloggingJoy
  6. Bishnu Mahali from BloggerSelf

Q4. How is your daily schedule/how many hours you work on your blog?

Ah, I am not good at the following schedule. I have tried many times to create a routine but always failed to follow that…

But still, I manage to work productively because I follow the to-do kind of list that I create before leaving the computer every night. 

I create a list of tasks that I need to finish on the next day and on the next morning, I finish them as per their priority.

This is what I follow to work productively. Also, planning to have a routine soon.

And about how many hours I work, it totally depends on the workload. I even worked for 20+ hours a day which is really huge. But these are the days when I have tons of tasks to do.

On normal days, I try to work at least 8 to 10 hours daily like an office-job. 

For this, I use RescueTime that helps in tracking where my most time online is spent and how many hours I work.

Q5. What are the major challenges you experienced in your initial blogging days?

I found blogging the best way which can give me the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime which I was always looking for.

But it was not easy for me to start my own blog because I didn’t have any laptop or computer that time, only a 2G mobile phone that I was using to read posts on various blogs. 

So, I joined a call centre after finishing my 12th to earn some money so I can purchase a laptop. But the salary was not good and after working for 10 months, I couldn’t have enough money to purchase a laptop.

So at least to start my blog, I ended up purchasing a Windows tablet. And started my blog by purchasing a domain along with a shared hosting account from GoDaddy. 

Finally, I started my blog and started writing content but the tablet wasn’t working that much good for blogging. 

So I quit the job from the Call Center and joined a new job but this time the salary was a bit better than my previous job.

After working for almost one year, I finally saved enough money to purchase a laptop.

Q6. What strategies/sources do you use to monetize your blog?

It totally depends on the niche, I have more than 5 blogs on various niches. But if you are asking about StayMeOnline, then Affiliate marketing is my primary method to earn. 

Along with this, I also make money through Sponsorship from StayMeOnline.

In the initial days, I was using Google AdSense but it didn’t work well on my niche so I stopped monetizing with the ads. 

I have one blog which is on Tech niche where I only use Google AdSense to make money and on others, Affiliate Marketing is the primary method.

Q7. What is the best way to get success in Affiliate marketing?

The best way to succeed in affiliate marketing is; understanding your audience and building trust.

Yes, that’s the best way to get success in affiliate marketing.

I’ve seen some newbies promoting high-commission affiliate products just to make good money on each sale but they failed to generate even one single sale.

Why? Because they are not understanding their audience’s needs and budget first.

For example, if you are promoting WPX Hosting or WPEngine to someone who is just planning to start a blog.  

Then do you think he/she will buy? No! Because of having low-budget…

Whereas, if you promote affordable web hosting like A2 Hosting, Hostinger, etc then there are high chances that they will purchase because these hostings are affordable for them.

So first, try to understand your users, what their need is and what is their budget for that… Then choose the right product that can solve their problem. Now promote it, you will get the sale. 

In more simple words, the affiliate marketing success formula is:

“First, find a problem then find a product which can solve that problem… Now promote it!”

You need to promote the solution of problems that people are suffering from related to your niche.

Also, try to build trust by providing value for free to your audience. Because Trust really matters in affiliate marketing.

Q8.Your favorite and most useful blogging tools any 3 which are they?

Well, there are tons of blogging tools that I use on a daily basis. Here are my three favourite tools:

1. SEMrush:- It is my soldier that helps me in outranking my competitors and getting sneak-peak of their secret strategies. It is a bundle of SEO-tools that helps in keyword research, SEO Audit, Backlink analysis and in many more tasks… You can read the complete SEMrush review here to learn more… 

2. RescueTime:- This has now become one of my favourite tools. It is helping me to know where my most time is spent online and becoming more productive when working. 

3. Elementor Pro: I am not a designer but this amazing page builder makes it easy for me to design attractive pages in my blog.

There are many other tools that I use and it was tough to write 3 favourites only. So I can’t stop myself from writing a few names more:-

  • 1. WPForms
  • 2. OptinMonster
  • 3. Frase
  • 4. WP Rocket
  • 5. Broken Link Checker
  • 6. Grammarly
  • 7. Surfer SEO

Q9. What do you do when you aren’t working on your blog?

I love travelling so whenever I think that I do not have much work related to blogging(which happens rarely though), I make plans to travel, be it within the city or out of the city, doesn’t matter. I just love travelling. 

And listening to music, when I take breaks in between my work. I simply put my earbuds in my ears and go to the terrace or outside with my bike.

These two things I love most and prefer doing when I am not busy with my work.

Q 10. What are the tips you have for new bloggers?

I have a very important thing that I want to say to all the new bloggers who have taken the step into blogging or planning to take soon.

Choose your niche carefully because it is going to be the future of your blogging career and this will decide whether you will succeed or fail.

I have seen newbies quitting blogging just because they can’t proceed with the niche they are working in because they are not passionate about it. 

So, make sure you are choosing a niche which you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Along with this, it should have good earning potential and low-competition.

And if you are planning to start a blog then I want to let you know that Blogging isn’t a quick rich-scheme so if you are thinking that you will start getting money from the very first month then sorry but it is not going to happen.

You have to keep patience, it takes years to start earning from Blogging.

Q 11. Please share some tips that amateur bloggers can use to build some traffic on their blogs and at the same time, what kind of mistakes they should avoid committing?

Here are some tips that Amateur bloggers can use to drive some traffic on their blog:-

1. Grab social handles for your blog and share your content on all social media to drive some traffic.

2. Use blog commenting effectively to drive some traffic and it will also build nofollow backlink to your blog.

3. Conduct roundup posts and invite all the experts from your niche to participate. Ask them to share your content when it goes live. It will help you to drive massive traffic because they already have a good audience. 

4. Take interviews of the experts from your industry. It can also be a great method to drive traffic on your blog.

5. Write on long-tail keywords which are usually low-competitive and easy to rank for. 

6. Do not depend on Google’s traffic, own your traffic by capturing them in your email list, Facebook group or anywhere where you can easily contact them.

These are some working methods newbies can use to drive traffic to their blog. 

Now here are some the mistakes that they need to avoid to grow their blog fast:-

1. Don’t choose your niche by watching others or randomly. Choose your niche carefully, it should be what you are passionate and knowledgeable about. Also has good earning-potential and low-competitive(optional).

2. Choose a perfect domain name for your blog. It should not contain hyphens or any trademark.

3. Do not proceed with the free web hosting or any cheap web hosting provider just to save money because they are not good at all.

4. Do not hesitate to invest in premium tools.

5. Never stop learning, never think that you know everything. Invest in courses, ebooks etc…

6. Don’t choose any nulled or cracked WordPress themes.

7. Don’t purchase any backlink building gig that promises to build thousands of backlinks fast. There is literally no shortcut in SEO or blogging.

Q 12. How Bloggingscan readers can stay in touch with you and any message for the blogging community here?

Here my social handles, if anyone wants to get in touch with me, can find me there and we can have some talk over there:

1. My Facebook Group: Join Here

2. DM Me On Instagram: @meetravidixit

3. Say Hi On Facebook: @meetravidixit

4. Follow Me On Twitter: @meetravidixit

Q 13. What’s your suggestion for my blog? (If any)

You’re doing an amazing job by sharing your knowledge with the others through your blog. Your blog is also looking amazing…

Keep up the great work my friend…

Final Word

So we would like to thank you Ravi Dixit. That they gave their precious time to us. and now our interview today was with Ravi Dixit, the founder of staymeonline. It ends here.

But this has just finished our interview. And now our interview series has started

Also, give me your suggestion and tell me who next you want to see in our Interview Series and I will invite them.

Till then

Happy Blogging !

Interview With Ravi Dixit

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  1. Hi Yogesh!
    I am following Ravi bro for the past few months and I really love reading his articles. Because he always provide the awesome helpful article and he also makes me understood everything in detail through his blog. Thanks For Conducting this interview.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pravakar Singh

  2. Ravi is really all over the place Yogesh. Good to see you guys hustling and succeeding! Like Ravi, I became fed up with my 9-5 job. I knew blogging required lots of hard work but I wanted to work for my freedom, not for a paycheck and someone else’s dreams….aka….business owners who ran the companies I worked for. 12 years later I am still blogging as a pro.


    • Right said Ryan sir, we all like our freedom. Some people try for this, some people think it is their luck,
      That’s why we chose blogging for our freedom,

      I am very grateful that I am getting support from people like you and Ravi Bro.


  3. Well, I have been following Ravi for quite a while now, and I must say he has put a lot of effort into his blog staymeonline.

    I remember once he did not post a single article for almost about a month or two but after that huge gap, he came back strongly and taken Staymeonline to next level.

    I remember this incident because I was also in the same situation at that time but the difference is that he came back early and came back with full dedication and that is the reason we are noticing his success in blogging.

    One thing that many of us can learn from Ravi is that never give up on something that you love.

    Keep up the good work Ravi.

    Swapnil Harpale.

  4. Hi Yogesh

    I am following Ravi Bro For the last few months and I have learned many things from him and his blog too. He always provides helpful and awesome content on his awesome blog. Thanks 4 Featuring Him on your blog.


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