Do You Network Generously or Try to Manipulate Bloggers?

Ryan Biddulph
Ryan Biddulph

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I know this one hurts some bloggers. I felt a genuine sting years ago; turns out, a part of me tried to manipulate fellow bloggers over a decade ago when new to this blogging game. I owned the tendency, 

moved in a different direction and became a genuine, helpful networker. Everything changed for me only because I saw myself in the light of truth.

Some bloggers say they network generously, but deep down, just want to manipulate some famous blogger to get a link on a world famous blog. Yeah; good luck with that one. 

People sense someone trying to manipulate them from 10,000 miles away. Bloggers sense need, desperation and greed so far away, you never sniff a mention on a top blog.

I recall one guy from a weird encounter. He pitched me blindly, as a stranger. Never heard of him. I suggested generously befriending me, to earn my trust. He told me he had no time for that. I wish I were kidding. But I am not. 

He said he was on a tight schedule, and needed to do a link exchange with me. Of course, he ran a little known blog so a link exchange would have been idiotic for me, and a sweet gift, for him.

I moved on from our exchange. He had the chance to bond with me generously. Immense success for both of us could have unfolded if he genuinely befriended me but instead he tried to force me to do something for him, manipulating me weakly. 

I declined and moved on. Opportunity lost for him.

Lesson? Never try to manipulate seasoned pros. We have seen your desperate or greedy tactics many thousands of times. 

Simply network generously with bloggers by helping bloggers out in as many ways as possible without asking for a single thing. Do this routinely.

Earn blogger trust by proving you are interested in them, NOT in what they can do for you. Time plus generosity makes you a super connected blogger because all blogging buddies you make thru a generous networking campaign bond awesome bloggers to you.

Some bloggers believe I know everybody. Not entirely true. Literally. But I do know a ton of bloggers by generously helping bloggers and expecting nothing in return. I ask for nothing in return. 

I just guest post, trust and make more and more friends. Simple process. But manipulating absolutely cannot be part of the equation. Generous service is the answer.

I love building bond strength daily by re-connecting with my blogging buddies. Toss in serving new bloggers and I network generously to expand my reach. 

Manipulation to get something out of anybody is not the way to go because people will see you and your ridiculousness a zillion miles away.

You need something of value to even sniff something, exchange-wise. I did one link exchange during my blogging career, for a DA 92 blog. 

Think about that. I only considered exchanging something because the DA of the blog is nearly 100, off the freaking charts.

So, 99% of bloggers have nothing to offer high level bloggers, meaning manipulation is a ridiculous strategy, anyway. Let it go. Be generous. Be genuine. The bonds you build by being generous now reap massive returns down the road. How? 

Imagine an ever-growing army of influential bloggers promoting you, endorsing you and spreading your word, boosting your blog traffic, blogging profits and blogging brand awareness.

Think beyond one meeting, one encounter, trying to squeeze stuff out of people greedily and desperately. See beyond today, into tomorrow and next year. Build a vision of your most fun, freeing, dream life to blog the right way. 

Guaranteed, the success you experience by networking generously will be well worth the time and work you put into blogging the right way.

Keep giving, help people and express a genuine interest in other human beings. Blogging feels much more fun if you share value and make friends from an authentic energy. 

Blogging feels agitating and quite stressful if you try to manipulate people into giving you stuff. So, be generous, be genuine and make oodles of friends as your blogging success expands.

Get connected. Be generous. Help big dawg bloggers. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Observe your blogging star shine as your network grows slowly and steadily over the long haul.

Do You Network Generously Or Try To Manipulate Bloggers

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