RecordCast Review – Free Online Screen Recorder and Video Editor

Today we are going to talk about the Recordcast online free screen recorder tool website.

Suppose you are a YouTuber, blogger, or a digital entrepreneur. Then you will need to do a screen recording.

Like we have to concentrate on a lot of work to make our identity in this online field.  Daily new content publishing, video publishing, and more.

And to build our online presence unique, we mostly have to publish video content nowadays.

Because nowadays, people like video content more than text content.

So and for this, we often have to do our screen recording while making our tutorial videos.

For which you will probably use different software.

But you can use Recordcast Free Online Screen Recorder and Video Editor. You can record your screen without using external software, that too for free.

So let’s get to know about some features of this tool in this Recordcast Review article.

RecordCast Review: Best Online Screen Recorder?

I want to tell you that if you want to do screen recording through recordcast. So this website provides you all the facilities for free.

Like if you want that, you have to do your screen recording work without registration on this site.

So you can also do this without registering. And I liked the same thing on this site. They try to give as much service as possible to their user.

You can record your entire screen through Recordcast. And together, you can record your webcam plus screen recording simultaneously from the Recordcast.

Perhaps you like these features while making tutorials.

You also get the option to select the audio of your screen recording in the recording settings, such as external, internal audio, system audio of this type.

Select the audio setting that suits you according to your convenience.

And after the screen recording is over, you can also edit that footage properly through this Recordcast.

Start Recording

Why You Need to Try Recordcast ?

recordcast review

1. 100% Free –

This is one of the most significant factors of the Recordcast completely free tool. Which means there is no harm in using it. Then it would help if you did this tool once

Through this, you can take high quality recorded videos without a watermark.

2. No download required –

To use it, you do not need to download any software or external extension. You can start recording with just one click.

3. Flexible Recording – 

It is straightforward to use it. You also get many different features while using it. Just like a webcam with screen recording, only webcam on. You are selecting your convenience from audio settings and more.

4. Built-in Video Editor – 

After recording a video, there is a need to edit it, so you can do this very quickly by using Recordcast.

How to use Recordcast ?

1. Go to the first recordcast site by click here

2. After this, you click on the button to start recording.

recordcast review bloggingscan

3. After this, you have to choose the recording mode according to yourself. then you see three option.

Screen + webcam, screen & only webcam

Select what you feel is right, and click on Next Step.

4. Here, you have to set the audio settings for your screen recording. Here you get four options for audio recording.

Microphone + system audio, Microphone, System audio, No audio.

Select what you want to do. And click on Start Recording.

recordcast review bloggingscan

5. You will see a pop up of the chack share audio box, then you click on the button of got it.

Bloggingscan All Right Reserved

6. Now, you will have a pop-up show of Share Your Screen by clicking on it. Click the share button

recordcast review

7. Now, your recording has started, as you can see in the image.

recordcast review bloggingscan

8. After your recording ends, stop it, and then you will see an option to download the recorded video or edit it online. You can do whatever you want.

record cast review article

So I hope that in this recordcast review article, I have told you the method of using recordcast; it must have been well understood.


So friends, in today’s Recordcast review article, we learned about Recordcast. This recording tool is beneficial for you, how much benefit will you get by using this and together you will save a lot of time.

So I think you should try Recordcast.

My job was to give you information about useful tools.

So now you have to decide whether you want to use Recordcast or not. Because I think Recordcast is one of the best online screen recording tools.Cheers,Happy Blogging


Recordcast review by bloggingscan

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