SEMRush Review & Tutorial With Free Trial (2021)

Do you want to move your digital marketing,blogging journey to the next level?

So That’s why you are searching for the best SEO tool.

Maybe now your research has ended by reaching here.

Because in today’s article you will get complete SEMrush Review, as well as if you want to use SEMrush free,

Then you can Activate your 7 days free SEMrush trial by click on below unique link.

But before that you need to have complete knowledge of SEMrush , only then you can take maximum advantage of it.

So let’s start.

First of all,

we know what you will get in today’s article? With this, you will be able to know these.

Like Do you even need what you will get in this article or not?

This will save your time.

What are you getting from these articles

  • You will get SEMrush  7 day free trial.
  •  You will Also get complete SEMrush Review and Using Guide
  •  How to use SEMrush you will get to know it
  •  Pro Tips for finding the best easy to rank keywords
  •  If you want, then you can also get 14-day free trial
  •  And Much More…

So let’s Move on our main content now

What Is SEMRush SEO Tool ?

semrush review

SEMrush is one of the best SEO and competitor research tool.

Because of which you have a lot of work that can be done in less time with SEMrush and also perfectly.

Which will give you a lot of benefits in your blogging career?

If you have been in the blogging and digital marketing field for some time, then you must know about SEMrush Tool.

Perhaps you know the importance of SEMrush SEO Tool .

Then you have come to read this article and get information about SEMrush.

If you are thinking of buying SEMrush , So now there is a golden opportunity for you,

You can activate your SEMrush free 7 day trial right now by clicking on the button below.

So please activate your SEMrush free trial soon. Because next, we are going to knowhow to use SEMrush .
Without SEMrush , you will not know very well how to use SEMrush . So I request you to activate your SEMrush 7 day free trial now.
And then you have to read how to use SEMrush these Section

Note :- When you go to activate SEMrush free trial with our given unique link, then you have to add your card Details at the time of registration. Many people come back from there. But I want to clear one thing that “you do not need to be afraid of it. No money will be deducted till the day free trial.

And if you thought that my SEMrush review article was helpful for you and now you can continue to use SEMrush , then you can.

Otherwise, you can cancel it. You can know how to cancel a SEMrush free trial from here Click here

How to Get SEMrush Free Trial for 7 days ?

So friends, follow all the steps given below and then you will get your SEMrush free trial Immediately. 

And you will be able to use SEMrush for 7 days without any problem.

So let’s get started.

Steps for getting Semrush 7 day free trial

STEP 1 – You can activate your 7 day free SEMrush trial by clicking on the given below Buton.

Then you will be go to the SEMrush branding page by clicking on the button.

And then click on Get a free 7 day trial button and grab your SEMrush free trial.

semrush review


Then you can fill in your details here and create your free SEMrush account.

semrush review


Here you will get 2 free trial plan option of SEMrush

One is SEMrush Pro 7 day free trial and another is SEMrush  Guru 7 Day free trial.

You have to choose one of them. And then click on get free trial.

semrush review


Finally add your billing details here. And click on the place your order,

And grab your 7 days free trial of Guru Or Pro plan which you may have selected.

Ta da!

Congratulation ! 

Now your SEMrush  Pro, SEMrush guru free 7 day trial has been activated.

You can use all the advanced features of SEMrush for 7 days. Well you have to grab your SEMrush free trial.

So now is the time to get to know how to use SEMrush . now let us know all the features of SEMrush

That you can get the full benefit of your free SEMrush trail.

SEMrush Dashboard In Depth Overview

Now you may have activated your SEMrush free trial account by now.

So now we can easily understand SEMrush . As you can see in the image below

This is SEMrush  dashboard.

We know that SEMrush  is one of the best competitive research tools,

Which you can use to spy on your organic competitor. And increase your position.

But before beating our competitor, we need to make sure that there are no flaws in our website.

So now this is what we are going to do with the help of SEMrush . We will analyze our website by adding it to the SEMrush dashboard.

So let’s see how this is done.

Note:- Due to privacy, some data is hidden here. I hope you understand this.

When you open your SEMrush  dashboard, you will see something like you can see in the image above .

Then we will add our website as a new project.

To do this, click on create a new project. And add your website name and domain.

And click on the Create Create project button.

Your domain has now been successfully added to SEMrush 

semrush review

Now SEMrush  will recommend you some marketing and research tools.


  • Site audit
  • Position tracking
  • On-page SEO checker
  • Social media tracking
  • Social media poster
  • Brand monitoring
  • Backlink Audit
  • Link building
  • PPC keyword tool 

and many more tools will recommend you SEMrush . Use it according to your requirement. But I think you should try all the tools.

Because SEMrush  has recommended these tools to you.

But before trying these tools, you should know what are the benifit of using these SEMrush Recommended Tools.


How to properly use these SEMrush recommended tools ?

So let us get to know the tools of SEMrush dashboard.

SEMrush SEO Toolkit Overview

Semrush Site Audit –

semrush review

SEMrush site audit is a great tool, due to which you can audit your entire site.

Also you can check your site health score. You will also get to know that there is no broken link or page of your site.

You will find many more features in it.

Bonus ProTip :- You must audit your site in the site audit tool of SEMrush .

And with the help of this tool, you can also audit the site of your organic competitors.

And find the weakest point of their site. And if you want, you can also use that point for your benefit.

Who are your organic competitors, and how will I find them? I will tell you further in this article.

SEMrush Backlink Audit –

If we have to increase the ranking of our website, then high quality backlinks contribute a lot to it.

semrush review

That is why we should keep analyzing all the backlinks of our website from time to time.

And it is very important to have complete data of backlinks. A SEMrush backlink audit is used to do your work effectively.

SEMrush On-Page SEO Checker –

So to increase the ranking of the site, as much as necessary backlinks are required On-Page SEO.

Now on-page SEO has many factors. SEMrush on-page SEO checker acts as an SEO assistant for you.

It tells you the mistakes you have made. By improving those mistakes,

you can increase you’re on-page SEO score and get high ranking in search engines.

SEMrush Position Tracking –

SEMrush  positing tracking With the help of this tool, you can see every time which of your keywords are ranking.

And with this, you can create your strategy. This will work for you in the long term.

SEMrush Brand Monitoring 

With the SEMrush brand monitoring tool, you can track your brand as well as your organic competitors very quickly.

It will benefit you that you will be able to know easily what people think about your brand.

If you get to know some negative things it’s that are related to your brand, then you will be able to improve it.

This will increase the value of your brand. I would like to tell you that to do this work,

Big companies keep a particular post in their company

Which is called social media evaluator. Which you get analysis in SEMrush here.

SEMrush Social Media Tracker 

With the help of this tool, you can monitor your brand’s social media engagement very easily.

You can keep an eye on your Facebook page, Instagram handle, twitter handle, and LinkedIn handle.

SEMrush Important Tools

Such friends like we saw some of the SEMrush  tools that SEMrush  recommends us after adding our site.

But SEMrush  works as a lifetime mentor for every digital marketer. So do you think there are so many features?

No, my friends

This was just an overview of SEMrush , so far we have not seen or known the main and important tools of SEMrush .

So now is the time for us to get to know about all those tools and see how we can use them.

Let us now know all those tools featers of SEMrush  one by one. So that you too can use it to become a pro blogger.

Are you ready to become a pro blogger?

Now Let’s Get Started

Exploring Top Notch Semrush Tools Features

Now we are going to know about all the SEMrush tools here.

Semrush for Competitor Research 

Likely, you were not using SEMrush yet.

Because of this, many important things have been missed by you. Your competitor must have been spying on you till now.

If you know how to create high quality content and you already create good high-quality content more good than your competitor, 

yet your ranking remains below them.

So to know the reason for this, you have to spy your competitor’s website And their weaknesses and strong points have to be discovered.

Or will help you in doing all this SEMrush competitor research tool.

So if you also want to increase your Website ranking & SERP, then you also have to become a Digital SEO James Bond.

So are you ready?

Maybe yes!

1. Domain Overview

Now its time to become a Digital SEO James bond.

Basically domain overview is for analyzing the complete data of any website.

From this, we can see the total backlinks of any website. Also, how much DA (Domain Authority) of the domain can they see?

And also what keywords and pages of our competitor that are giving them the most traffic.

From this, we can also take the content idea for ourselves. So with this, you can keep an eye on every step of your competitor.

And you can also create your new strategy accordingly.

Which your opponents will not know.

SEMrush data keeps updating every minute. From this, you will get fresh data all the time.

Now we take the example for spying site

That’s why so we take Ravi Dixit sir of our community These is the founder of these site 

His site has been spy like you can see below.

semrush free 7 day trial

If you also want to spy on someone’s site,

then you have to add the domain in the side of the domain overview above the search bar.

And then click on search.

Make sure the root domain should be select behind the search,

2. Traffic Analyzed

Here you can see that the traffic coming to a website is coming from where. How much more is coming?

Pro tip :- Here you will get a feather where you will see that the traffic coming to that site is coming more from the mobile user or the desktop.

If this site is your own, so by considering the device that has more traffic, if you change your site’s customization a little,

then the engagement will increase more.

Also, here you can compare your site with your organic competitor site. As you can see below, we have compared the site of 3 pro bloggers. of and

semrush free 7 day trial

3. Organic Research

Probably till now, I have used this term very often an “organic competitor

So you will find your organic competitor in this section when you enter your website here.

After entering your website just scroll down and then you seen the your top organic competitor, 

Now the you can also check the keyword gap between your site and your competitor site  

Along with this, you will get to know here that on which pages of your or your competitor site,

High amount of traffic is being driven organically.

semrush free trial

4. Keyword Gap

This is my favorite feathers from the SEMrush SEO tool kit.

Here, we analyzed the keywords of our website and our competitor.

And we get to know here which are the keywords which are the same for both of them.

Pro tip: – If you and your competitor have a keyword that is the same. And you think your content is better than your competitor.

So you should analyzed that the site which has got a good rank from you on the same keywords.

Said on the same particular article from where Backlinks took it If all the sites have taken the backlink from the same source.

So you should also try to get backlinks from the same. This will increase the chances of getting your article rank.

You can see the keyword gap of these three websites below.

semrush free trial

5. SEMrush Backlink Gap Tool 

The backlink gap is also another powerful features of SEMrush SEO tool kit.

Due to which you can analyzed the valuable data. And because of that, you can set your structure to do a powerful link building.

Now you are ready to spy anyone. 

So now you have become a digital James bond. Now we know everything about SEMrush  competitor research.

Now time to move on keywords research using SEMrush 

SEMrush For Keywords Research

semrush keyword reserch

We all know how much importance of keywords research is in blogging and digital marketing.

Without keywords research, we cannot drive organic traffic to our site.

You might have heard it too.

“One keyword change your life.”

If you properly do keyword research. So if you find a profitable keyword, then a keyword can also change your entire life.

Many bloggers do not have much keywords rank, but all those are profitable.

You can see the image below is from Master blogging.

He has earned more than $ 10,000 by ranking this keyword in one of his keywords SEMrush free trial.

semrush free trial

Semrush  Keyword Overview –

In the SEMrush  keyword overview, you will get all the information related to the keyword, such as how much is the

  • Monthly search volume of the keyword. 
  • Country-wise Volume.
  • Keyword Difficulty?
  • CPC

And at the same time, you will also know that the trend of the keyword is right now.

So from this keyword data, you will be able to decide whether you want to work on that keyword or not.

When you scroll here, SEMrush suggests some question keywords and related keywords here, which you can try.

Keyword Magic Tool –

This is also one of the favourite tools, I use this to find keywords for my website.

This is a great keyword research tool, and if you become a master at it,

Then you can find such long-tail keywords with its help, which is easy to rank.

So let me now tell you here how you can find long-tail keywords with the help of keyword magic tool.

Step 1 –

So first you add your keyword, and then you select the country which country you want to target to rank the keyword.

Click on search.

Here we are taking this keyword, for example,  “Digital Marketing Agency”

Step 2 –  Now see, we got more than 6385 keywords related to our keywords here.


But now is the time to find all these keywords which are useful in our work and quickly ranked keywords which are long tail.

So now I tell you a trick here.

Configure the filter with the type, as shown in the image below.

  • Set word count 4
  • Set volume up to 1000
  • Set keyword difficulty max 50

So in this way, you will see that we have got 1524 keywords

which are long-tail keywords and their competition is not so much.

If you do keyword research in this way, you will work on rankable keyword search.

And if you build good high-quality backlinks, then your chances get increased to succeed in blogging.

So now we know about the tools given to us by SEMrush  for building Backlinks.

SEMrush Link Building Toolkit

Like everyone knows that backlinks are a very important factor in Google ranking factor, which we cannot ignore.

In SEMrush  link building toolkit, we get to see first of all backlink analytics.

By using SEMrush  Backlink analytic, you can analyse your website and all the backlink of your competitor website.

Here you have the top powerful backlink of any domain. You can analyse most used anchor text, backlink type, referring domain and much more.

In SEMrush , you can audit the complete backlink of your site and extract the data.

By this, you will continue to know that where is the link of your brand being used?

There may be an outdated link. Then you should remove that link.

If you do not do this, then it harms the SEO and ranking of our site.

Therefore it is very important to do a backlink audit. With this same technic, you can also make high-quality backlinks for yourself.

All you have to do is search the authority site. And to find their outdated link.

Then you can contact those site owners and inform them about that link and ask them to add their link at that place.

This will give you a high-quality backlink.

SEMrush Topic Research

If you get confused on which topic we have to make our next content, then here you will find this feater SEMrush  topic research.

Here, all you have to do is give a small idea to whatever is on your mind, put it in the search bar of this tool.

And make it inter. Then SEMrush  topic research, this tool will give you a lot of content by general idea.

semrush free trial 7 day

I use this tool to find my next content topic. And with this Hubspot content, Idea generator also uses this tool.

This is also a great tool to find content ideas. Click on the link to know more about it.

Friends, to become a successful blogger, we need all the features of SEMrush  tools.

We have known all of them in details.

I request you to know about all the features and tools of SEMrush so that you can mastery using this tool by making full use of your 7 day free SEMrush  trial.

And if you think that SEMrush  can make your blogging business more successful, then you buy it.

SEMrush is not a cheap price or free blogging tools.

Because of this, we are going to increase our business a lot.

So in my opinion, if you invest your money in it, then there is no harm in it. We have further explained about the plans and pricing of SEMrush. 

You can choose a suitable plan for yourself and purchase it accordingly.

SEMrush Pricing

semrush vs similarweb

Final word –

Now, after looking at the pricing of Semrush , select the plan that is best for you and buy it.

The process of buying is the same as I told you while taking Semrush 7 day free trial.

So, friends, I hope that you have got complete information about Semrush, this review of our Semrush  will be helpful for you.

And if you were confused whether to buy SEMrush  is it worth it or not or if you were thinking about the comparison of SEMrush  and ahref,

So now your dought may have been cleared.

And still, you have some dought in your mind between SEMrush and ahref.

Which of these two tools is best for you? And which should you buy, then you can read this detail SEMrush  vs ahref comparison article.

So hope that today’s article will be beneficial for you. With this, you must have got to know something new.

If yes, then you must share this article with your friends too.

Because “Shearing Is Caring”


semrush review 2021 with free trial

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