Semrush vs Similarweb In-Depth Comparison (2021): Which Platform is Better & Why?

In today’s time, competition in the digital marketing field has increased too much. If you want to have two steps ahead of your competitor. 

Then you have to use highly advanced SEO Tools to expand your Business. By which you could do your online strategy better than your competitor. 

That’s why you have to use SEO Tools.

Like Semrush,

But there are many more such tools in the market. So why only Semrush? Why do not any other tools like Similarweb.

For bloggers and digital marketers, it’s challenging to choose one of these 2 (Semrush vs Similarweb). Are you looking for a comparison of these two?.

So we are doing a Complete Comparison of today’s article. 

Which one is the best among Semrush Vs Similarweb and why? By which all your dought will be clear.

So if you also want to know. So read this article to you.

An Overview Of Semrush Tends – Semrush Vs Similarweb

Semrush is a very popular SEO Tool. We do the work related to Seo by using Semrush suite with different tool’s like 

Keywords Research, Competitor Analysis, Social Media Marketing, Content Management and much more.

Semrush Is The Perfect Seo Tool Suite With 50 Plus Tools In One Place We Get. 

In under the Semrush Competitive Research Toolkit’s Newly Semrush .trends is added.

Semrush Trends is an Advance Competitive Intelligence Solution. Who will find you in Paid Semrush Subscription?

Semrush.Trends 2 main features are

  1. Traffic analytics
  2. Market Explorer Tools

So what’s so special in Semrush.Trends? 

Which is not in SimilarWeb. Because of which we are doing a comparison of Semrush Vs Similarweb today.

These two main aspects of Semrush .trends we try to know about his in detail.

1. Traffic Analytics

Semrush Traffic Analytics is a Research Platform. By using it, you can perform analysis in the depths of traffic sources on any website.

And together, you can monitor the traffic of both desktop and mobile.

By monitoring and analyzing your competitor’s Main Traffic Source.

You can make a better strategy for yourself.

So that your online presence can be even more strong. When you are monitoring your competitor’s primary traffic source.

So you will know about all those Golden Traffic Sources without any much research.

By targeting, you can also take traffic from there. And that’s not even, more benefits than you will be using Semrush traffic analytics.

semrush vs similarweb
  • Talk about Similerweb, so if you use Similarweb then you also get the tool of traffic analysis. 

But with Similarweb, you can’t research with many details.

Because if you have done Similarweb subscription buy from India or any other specific country.

Then you will not be able to analysis in depth of others country’s traffic sources.

And this is a drawback of Similarweb. You will be given information about the Main Traffic Source of Just website.

2. Market Explorer

Through Semrush.trend’s Market Explorer, you can analyze industry-based and organic competitors in detail.

Not only that,

You will find many more essential features in Semrush. Trend Market Explorer.

Like you can carry out your SEO task, research, competitor analysis in a very comprehensive way.

And the features that you get in the market explorer are in-depth market research, competitors list, profit margins details, major consumer factors, customer demographics, benchmarking overview, and many more.

semrush vs similarweb
semrush vs similarweb
  • When you enter the domain name in the search bar.

So you get a report of the entire website related to the industry market in front of you,

Like your main competitor, market share, market traffic, and many more methods to analyze the traffic.

Together, Semrush presents you with this, dividing all its competitors into four segments: Niche Players, Game Changers, Leaders, and Established Players.

You can better understand Traffic Generation and Social Media Distribution strategies from market explorers. 

You can take advantage of it by making your business strategy properly.

Best Semrush Choosing Reason


An essential feature of Custom Market

  1. Proper demographics audience research when targeting a new area for your Business or making a new product.
  2. Tracking your market position against your competitors and researching growth areas.
  3. Aware of potential competitors who can get momentum quickly.
  4. The feature helps to reveal top industry players

Similar Web Overview

  • Similarweb is not an SEO tool or nor the marketing tool.

Similarweb is a Website traffic analyzer & competitive traffic intelligence platform.

Using Similarweb, you can analyze the traffic coming to any website in detail, and you can also explore the competitors’ top traffic sources.

These are divided into categories like social traffic, referring traffic, organic traffic, traffic by which keywords, session, and much more metrics related to website traffic sources.

The essential SEO tools semrush provides us; it does not provide similar web.

Such as Position Tracking, On-Page SEO Checker, Domain Overview Organic Research, Backlink Analytics, Social Media management,

market explorer, And much more. We do not find all these in Similarweb.

In a Similarweb, we get only basic SEO features. 

Like related to website traffic analytics. That too with some limitations.

Some important features of Similarweb

  • Analyzing competitors’ top traffic sources
  • Identifying your main competitor
  • Analyzing the most important referring source among competitor or your industry 
  • Analysis 5 website at a single time
  • Similarweb provides a tool for finding PPC keywords
  •  In Similarweb pro, we get some more features like device distribution, audience info and traffic share from social media platforms

Semrush vs Similarweb: Basic Features Comparison

Features comparison between Semrush vs Similarweb This is a crucial task.

Because with this, which tool from both Semrush & Similarweb will help us more in your business expansion.

You will know that.

Because our purpose of using these competitive intelligence tools is ultimately to expand our Business.

right said.

Geographical Coverage

Data is everything. You must have also heard this.

That’s why the tool which provides more and more comprehensive data. He wins the market and the user,

Like if you want to stabilize your business in another country. 

So you have to analyze the data of different countries, according to your business requirement. So here, Semrush provides you with a database of 190 countries. 

That too without any additional cast, and you will get the same in all the plans of SEMrush.

And as compare to semrush, in Similarweb you get a Geographical database of 90 countries. For that also you have to pay separately.

Mobile Data

Mobile data is more important than desktop data in today’s time.

Why am I saying this?

Because Google started focusing on Google Mobile-First Indexing in July 2019. And its reason is 66% of all site traffic comes from mobile.

So that’s why we can’t ignore mobile data.

You get the feature of mobile data in all premium plans of Semrush.

Semrush’s mobile database is available in 17 regional databases. 

This gives you the advantage of tracking mobile SERP positions according to any particular city using position tracking.

And you do not get such advanced features in Similarweb.

This feature of Semrush can prove to be a goldmine feature for local businesses.

However, in similarweb, also you get the feature of the mobile database. But for this, you have to pay additional cost.

In Mobile Data :- Semrush win

Historical Data

If you are an experimental strategy person, you change your strategy, analyze it, and create a future strategy. So historical data will be essential for you.

You get proper historical data insights for all users in Semrush Received from April 2016.

and the other hand, similarweb give us data that goes back to 37 months

And as compared to semrush, similarweb provide 12 month data coverage in the basic plan only.

And as compared to semrush, similarweb provide 12 month data coverage in the basic plan only.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Comparison (Why I Choose Semrush over Similarweb?)

If still you cannot decide which tool will be right for you out of these two tools like semrush and similarweb according to your requirement.

So from my experience, I have mentioned the top 6 strong reasons. That’s why I choose semrush over similarweb.

So must read this section of the article carefully.

semrush vs similarweb

1. The Ultimate Suite of SEO Tools

I choose semrush over similarweb, and the first reason is.

Because semrush is an SEO tool suite (50+ tools ), provide all these tools needed to expand your business in one place for the entire team.

And through semrush, you can do many tasks, such as SEO related task, content marketing, competitor analysis, PPC and social media marketing.

With the help of a content marketing platform, you can produce high-quality content very quickly and easily.

You have to grab a good ranking from your competitors. So you need well research content. 

Which is why you can use the tools of content marketing toolkit like Topic Research.

also in semrush content marketing toolkit you get lots of features for improving your content quality.


  • SEO Content Template
  • SEO Writing Assistant
  • Brand Monitoring
  • Post Tracking
  • Content Audit
semrush vs similarweb
  • With the help of the semrush social media management tool.

We can manage our all social media profiles in one place. 

Also, we schedule the timing of social media posts for different platforms. 

And this tool is really important because using this tool, we can Increase our Social Accountability. And customer relationship with us. Ultimately this will help us to increase the Business.

semrush vs similarweb
  • As we know, organic traffic is not just a single source of driving targeted and quality traffic on your site or any of your landing pages.

With the help of paid campaign, we can do this.

But for better result of any campaign, we need to set up and do all necessary things which are need to campaign to be successful.

So here, the Semrush advertising toolkit helps you properly plan your google ads campaign like research about your niche, competitors’ analysis, previous campaigns result, planning your solid advertising strategy using keyword targeting. 

So you can get a better conversion through your campaign

And in similarweb, you do not get such type of any features. 

So if you are run lots of campaign, then similarweb is not for you. You have to use semrush.

2. Leading SEO Features

SEO is the heart of digital marketing or online Business. Without SEO, we can’t survive in this digital world.

And that is why semrush provides us with many excellent tools to keep our website’s SEO score strong.

like full site audit

  • Organic Research Keyword
  • Backlink analysis
  • Keyword Magic Tool
  • Keyword Manager
  • Position Tracking
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • On-page SEO
  • Backlink Audit

and much more. By using these tools, you can beat your competitor. And you can get a better result.

Keywords magic tool is my favourite in the Semrush SEO feature.

Because of all the premium tools to date, 

And the Semrush magic tool provides the most in-depth information about keywords because semrush has a vast database of over 20 billion keywords.

When we enter just a single word and phrase in the keywords magic tool’s search bar, semrush provides us with accurate details within a second as many possible options related to those keywords.

On the other hand, Similarweb only provides us SEO features related to basic traffic analytics. 

We neither get keywords rank tracking, backlink analysis, depth keywords research, site audit, or SERP details.

3. Extensive Database With Accuracy

As we all know the importance of Data.

Data is everything 


But now, there is a slight change in the line; Data with accuracy is everything.

We know that Semrush has the world’s largest database with 20 billion keywords in 142 databases.

On the other hand, we don’t know about a similarweb database.

Similarweb does not have any good web crawler. But the crawler that uses Similarweb. 

Those extra details are taken from the user computer, mobile App, from Similarweb extension or add-ons, 

Talking about data quality, due to the massive database of semrush. Obviously, semrush is ahead of similerweb.

A few days ago, owox did a study to find out whose accuracy is better in semrush and similarweb. In which they did a depth analysis of 750 + sites of 10 different industries.

semrush vs similarweb
  • And then its result came out that the accuracy of both the tools is almost the same, 

but the website whose traffic range is in the segment of 1 million, its result semrush show more accurate compared to similarweb.

Similarweb does not show the result of a website that has less than 500K sessions per month. 

Due to this, you have the disadvantage that you cannot analyze well about medium scale website.

4. In-Depth Keywords Research

Keywords are the backbone of SEO because, without proper keywords research, we cannot rank any of our content or neither article nor any youtube video. 

Keywords research is the most crucial part of SEO strategy 

So now here we discussed the semrush keywords overview tool, like how we can find golden keywords which can boost our Business with the help of the semrush overview tool.  

The first and most important things are semrush allows us to analyze 100 keywords simultaneously.

Similerweb allows only one keyword at a time. 

If we use semrush so here, our lots of time will be saved.

keywords overview semrush vs similarweb
  • When we enter our keywords in the semrush search bar, within a second we get tons of important matrix related to this particular keyword like 
  • Golden keyword volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Country-wise volume,
  • CPC
  • Keyword Difficulty
  • Keywords variation,
  • Related keywords idea,
  • SERP features
  • Much more. 

Also, the keyword magic tool is a very advanced and helpful tool for finding valuable keywords.

When we use the keyword magic tool, with some filters we get the best keyword just with some clicks, 

semrush vs similarweb
  • And in similarweb keywords analyzer tool, we get some data like keyword traffic, volume, organic and paid difficulty, CPC, volume trends.

But as you can see in this image, there is no backlink related matrix shown, which means similerweb has No backlink database

That website has daily traffic is less than 5k, similerweb cannot show the data of this website. 

semrush vs similarweb

5. Transparent Pricing (No Hidden Charges)

Now the most important aspect is the pricing of these tools. Semrush provides us with the pricing details of all the plans with complete transparency. 

By seeing which and comparing the plans, we can activate the perfect plan of Semrush for ourselves according to the business requirement.

We can take any of the four transparent packages of Semrush.

Semrush Pricing

You can see here about the normal plan of Semrush.

Semrush does not provide a free plan but provides a 30-day free trial and a 14-day guru plan trial. 

By grabbing which, we can learn to use the semrush dashboard and all the tools.

semrush vs similarweb

Semrush .Trends Pricing

Semrush .trends is the new addition of semrush. 

If you want to purchase semrush trends(Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer), you should have anyone’s existing plan of semrush activated.

It will cost you $200, and then you will get access to all the extra features of semrush trends.

You will find semrush trends with all 50+ tools cost in some way

see in the image below

  • Pro: $319.95/month
  • Guru: $429.95/month
  • Business: $649.95/month
semrush vs similarweb
  • Semrush gives us all the plans by doing properly features wise categories.

So that if you are a freelancer, startup, marketing agency, e-commerce project and many more.

If you need a semrush plan for any of these like tasks, you can easily decide which of these three you want to take Pro, Guru and Business plans.

After this, Semrush does not take any hidden charge from you, and if you want, you can cancel your plan anytime.

And on the other hand, the plans of the similar web are not in fixed figure.

Suppose you want to purchase the premium plan of a similar web. So you have to talk to the sales manager first. 

Then what are your requirements and what features do you want.

According to that, your custom pricing will be set.

In Semrush, you get 50 extra tools. It;s a complete SEO Tool suite.

However, you will have to pay an additional charge for all the different essential tools like mobile data, historical data, rivals’ top pages, geographical databases in similarweb.

This is also one of the main reasons, so I have given more preference to semrush than similarweb.

Because as a digital marketers, we need tools, features, functionality, accurate data. 

Almost all of them semrush is the best as compared to similarweb. semrush is currently at the top of the SEO tools industry.

6. Accuracy & Reliability

Semrush is the best SEO software suite (with over 50+ tools), including super-advanced competitive analyzing features and trusted by some reputed companies.

This is the reason why Semrush got 14 international awards for best SEO software.

Semrush is becoming the most preferred SEO tool in the market right now. 

Or this is because of the fantastic SEO related features provided by Semrush like website analyzing, in-depth keywords research, marketing matrix, web tracking, keywords suggesting and much more

semrush vs similarweb
  • Semrush is an award-winning SEO tool, which many top companies like Tesla, Apple, IBM, Walmart, and Amazon use as their primary SEO tool.

More than 7 million marketing experts use Semrush, bloggers, and digital marketers worldwide, and more than 500 companies use Semrush.

And on the other hand, we get to know this by analyzing similar web. But, unfortunately, in that similarweb, we only get some matrix related to website traffic. 

For extra features, you have to pay extra. And yet, the data is not very accurate.

So its direct result is that Semrush is better than Similarweb in terms of accuracy and reality.


Q1. What is Semrush ?

Semrush is the all in one SEO tool suite with over 50 plus tools. Like Keyword Research, Content Marketing Tools, Advertising, Social Media, Competitive Research, PR, PPC, SMM, for improving your overall website SEO score.

Q2. What is Semrush. Trends ?

Semrush. Trends is the new addition of the semrush paid tool. Using this, user can do in-depth traffic analysis and market research with the help of Traffic Analytics and Market Explorer these tools. 

Q3. What is Similerweb ?

Similerweb is the Website analytics & competitive traffic intelligence platform. Using this similerweb service, we can analyze the incoming traffic from different sources of any website 

Q4. How much does Semrush cost?

Semrush offer 3 different plan pricing like Semrush Pro plan costs $119.95/month, Guru $429.95/month, and Business $649.95/month.

Q5. How much does Similarweb cost?

Similarweb PricingPricing is not fixed. For example, suppose you want to buy a similarweb subscription, so first, you have to talk with a similarweb sales manager.  Then similarweb team set the custom price according to your features requirements.

Q6. Semrush Vs Similarweb: Which tool is better?

I do depth analysis and comparison of this both semrush and similar tool. After that, I surely tell semrush is the best than similarweb. In all departments.


So friends, in today’s Semrush Vs Similarweb comparison article, I have explained everything to you from my side.

Now it is your turn to choose the best tool for you according to your requirement.

I give more preference to Semrush. 

Because of SEMrush 50+ tools, all toolkit’s, huge database, excellent support, advanced SEO features, and pricing is better than Similerweb.

I can say this based on this comparison and my research. 

The reason is in Semrush you get everything you need in one place.

But the final decision will be yours. Which one do you have to choose between Semrush and Similarweb.


semrush vs similarweb

Yogesh Sambare

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  1. Yogesh, thank you so much for writing this article 🙂. Semrush and Similarweb it was always a tough decision to make, but this article makes it so easy for me to choose between the two. Semrush is a really awesome tool, and I personally think that Semrush is the winner here, like the traffic analysis feature, helped me a lot. Despite the price, it’s like an all-in-one product, so I think it’s worth it.

  2. That’s a really nice comparison of Semrush vs SimilarWeb shoulder to shoulder. Thank you for posting it, it helped me taking a decision about the SEO tool I should use.

  3. This article is very well-written, and it describe every feature about Semrush.

    After reading this article, I’m going to make Semrush my primary SEO tool.

    Also, by reading this article I understood Semrush for better and advanced than SimilarWeb.

    Thank you so much Yogesh for writing this comparison article!

  4. Hi Yogesh,

    Semrush and SimilarWeb, Both are industry leading SEO tools. I’ve used Semrush but not SimilarWeb. Infact, I was thinking to give it a try but after reading your this article, my mind changed and Now, I can proudly say, I use SEMRUSH for SEO!

    Thanks for publishing such a great piece of content.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Digital Pravakar!

    • Hi Pravakar, Thanks for your valuable and positive feedback. & providing facts, details, and the best information is our duty buddy. So I’m glad that you have taken the right decision with the help of my content.

  5. We all admint that SEMrush is the #1 SEO toool! But similar web is becoming a powerful alternative to it.
    Grrwt article Yogesh and you convered everything in a nice way and detailly 😃

    Best Regards,

    • Hi Raghvendra, Yea I know similarweb is a strong alternative to semrush. lots of people are using this too. but if we get all these important features in semrush so why we need to use any other tool.
      Hope you get my point.

  6. Hey Yogesh,

    Well crafted and detailed comparison of Semrsh and Similarweb. Similarweb offers specific data as per business requirements that you have to pay separately. Whereas Semrush offers complete SEO tool set for all your business need under one subscription.

    So, We can say that Semrush is far better than Similarweb in all respect.

    Great work, keep it up.


  7. Hey yogesh,
    Both are great tools in digital marketing. I specailly loved semrush because semrush has the ultimate power that any another tool don’t have.
    Thanks for the telling semrush features that i was not using.
    Digital jamshed

  8. Hello Yogesh,

    Semrush is truly a search engine optimization giant. In this comparison, You explored many reasons for going for it.
    I appreciate the way you explained the comparison.

    Mohit Bhargav

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    Wow, “What a Fantastic Article is this”.

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