How to Start a Blog Using GreenGeeks in 2021 [In Just 10 Minutes Guide]

Do you want to start your blog using Greengeeks? And that’s why you must be searching for different types of information on the Internet, so now your research ends by coming here.

Because in today’s article we are going to tell you how to start a blog using GreenGeeks hosting.

When you thought about blogging. Just that time you became participate in the competition of this blogging world.

And now you have to prove this with your work. That you too can do blogging.

But for this, you must know all things

Like, there are many decisions that you will have to make. And if you have missed it while taking them, then it will be very harmful to you.

Choosing a perfect hosting like this (for this, I recommend hosting GreenGeeks) there are lots of other hosting are available in the market like Bluehost, Hostinger, A2 Hosting but why I’m suggesting you choose Greengeeks And why this web hosting best for you? I will tell you further deeply in this article.

There are many other decisions that you will have to make.

So if you want to know all these things and want to start your blog with GreenGeeks web hosting. So read the article thoroughly.

Why Choose GreenGeeks to Start a Blog in 2021?

Greengeeks Hosting was started in 2008 by American entrepreneur Trey Gardner.

Due to the best hosting services of GreenGeeks, it is now used by people from about 150 countries.

Which is a very incredible number.

150 country wow !!!

GreenGeeks plans start from 2.49 USD only, which is quite reasonable. And along with GreenGeeks gives you a free domain for 1 year, with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

GreenGeeks Provides 4 Type Hosting. So that the user can choose the best plan according to his requirement.

  1. WordPress Hosting (Starting from $ 2.49 / mo)
  2. WooCommerce Hosting (Starting from $ 2.49 / mo)
  3. Reseller Web Hosting (Starting from $ 29.95 / mo)
  4. Virtual Private Servers (Starting from $ 39.95 / mo)

And a lot of people like to use Greengeeks.

Because its site speed, security, customer support, reliability are all excellent. And together this hosting is the best eco-friendly web hosting.

They aim to make Greengeeks the best eco-friendly hosting word. And looking at the popularity of Greengeeks, it seems that it will happen soon.

If you have not used Greengeeks yet, so I strongly recommend you. That you use it, my guarantee, you will not have to look at any other hosting again.

And the decision you took to create your blog with hosting Greengeeks will prove to be the best decision for you.

GreenGeeks Top Class Features

GreenGeeks is a highly trusted, secure web hosting. That you can trust.

By increasing the speed of any website/blog, hosting and its features play vital roles. And all those best hosting features are found in us at GreenGeeks.

1. Eco friendly

GreenGeeks One of the best eco-friendly hosting.

Hosting companies use a lot of energy for data centre servers. But GreenGeeks hosting uses very little energy in comparison to the other hosting providers.

That is why it has got an eco-friendly certificate. You will not find these features so important for the website, but it is very important for the environment.

2. Free Domain

Suppose you are an amateur blogger. And you are making your blog the first time. So along with hosting, you also need a domain.

So here, along with hosting GreenGeeks, you also give the domain for 1 year for free.

3. Free Website Migration

Suppose you are not satisfied with your hosting provider. And want to migrate to GreenGeeks. So the GreenGeeks migration specialist helps you in this.

4. Unlimited Domain Setup

You are in the Greengeeks Pro Plan and Premium Plan. You can set up as many domains as you want.

5. Free SSL certificate

Provides SSL certificate to you in GreenGeeks free, so that your site becomes even more secure from HTTPS.

6.Free CDN

Content delivery network CDN you get for free at GreenGeeks. This dramatically improves the load time of your website.

7. Support

You get the best support 24/7; whether it is your technical problem or non-technical, support executives do their best to help you via Live Chat, Telephone & Email Tickets.

8. Daily Backup

This is an essential feature to protect you from data loss, GreenGeeks Daily. Backup Provides

9. SSD Storage

All your data files are securely stored in fast SSD storage.

10. Data Transfer

Here you get unlimited data transfer.

Now that we have learned all the things about GreenGeeks, let’s talk about how you will set up your blog with GreenGeeks.

So let’s start

How to Start a Blog in Greengeeks

If you want to set up your blog with GreenGeeks, then you do not need much technical knowledge for this, nor is it a complex task.

You will be able to do this with just some setup. And to know that step, you follow the article.

Step 1: – Landing on Greengeeks Webspace

First, you click here click here.

And you will reach the official site of Greengeeks

Then click on “Get Started Now”

Greengeeks review

Step 2: – Choose Your Hosting Plan.

Now you will see three hosting plans here lite, pro, premium.

Greengeeks Plans

Now you have to choose the plan according to your requirement.

But I would recommend you choose the pro plan.

Step 3. Setup Your Domain Name.

Now you have to set up your domain name here; Greengeeks provides you with a free domain for one year, which you can search by taking it here. But if you want to use your existing domain, then you can also set it here.

Greengeeks domain setup

Step 4. Account Information

Now you have to fill in some basic details here, like your name, email, mobile no & address


Step 5: – Package Information and Server Location

Here you have to select your package and server location. The plans here are something like this.

  1. Triennially ($ 2.49 / mo) Total cost total $ 89.64 for 36 months
  2. Biennially ($ 3.95 / mo) = $ 94.80 for 24 months
  3. Annually ($ 4.95 / mo) = $ 59.40 for 12 months
  4. Monthly ($ 10.95 / mo)
package info

Step 6: – Pricing Summary

Now here you will see the pricing summary according to your selected plan.

pricing summary

Step 8: – Set up a Payment Method.

Check everything once, and then add your card details, and click on the create account button, Now your signup process will be completed.

payment info

Step 9:-  Setup WordPress

Now to create your blog, first of all, you have to install WordPress on your hosting,


1. Log in to your Greengeeks account. And then click on the C-panel button

start a blog with greengeeks

2. Then scroll down and come, click on softaculous apps installer.

3. Then you will see the icon of WordPress, click on it and install WordPress.

start a blog with greengeeks

Note: – When installing WordPress, you have to set your site name, descriptions. And the most important thing is, site password Strong. And remember everything, or save it.

Now your WordPress installation is Complete.

Your blog is ready to start blogging with Greengeeks

Final Words

So friends, in the end, I would just like to tell you that I did not choose good hosting in the early days of my blogging,

Which was my big mistake. In a bid to save some money, I put my long-time hard work into the claim.

So you don’t do that at all, If you are an amateur blogger or an experienced blogger, then starting a blog with Greengeeks will prove to be very beneficial for you.

So now the final decision is yours.

Happy blogging

How to Start a Blog Using GreenGeeks

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