200+ High DA Directory Submission Sites List For Link Building 2021

Do you also want to do link building for your blog website?

And you also have to use this method in Directory Submission Sites List? To take a backlink to your blog website.

So, friends, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to give a list of 100+ Free Directory Submission sites site in this article.

Also, full guide to directory submission sites is going to explain. So that you will be able to know better what is Directory Submission Sites?

And how can you take advantage of this for your blog website by using it correctly? And at the same time, there are some things that you have to keep in mind.

It is not like that you directly search many Free Directory Submission Sites List and add your site to all of them.

No brother don’t do that at all

This can prove to be less beneficial and more dangerous for your blog website. That is why you have to keep in mind some important points. Which you will follow in this article

These points you get in this article. Along with this, you will also get to know some Pro tips in this article, which will prove to be 1000% helpful for you.

So for this, you will have to read and understand this article carefully and from start to end.

I feel that you will definitely do this.

So let’s know what you are going to get in this article, after all Because if this is what you are looking for.

So you can continue reading this article. If what you are looking for is not in this article, you will also know this.

What are you Getting From this Article?

  • You will get to know what is Directory Submission Site?
  • 100+ Free Directory Submission Sites List in this article, using which you will be able to do link building for your blog website.
  • You will get to know how you can use it.
  • How will using Directory Submission Sites affect your site? Good or bad? You will get complete information about it
  • If you will read this article entirely and implement the things mentioned in the article, then your site ranking will increase.
  • Free and paid Directory Submission Sites List

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Article Reading Motivation

If you work in Blogging, Digital marketing field. So you must know what the importance of link building is.

I think you definitely know about its importance. So you can reach this article today.

Because you also have to do link building. For which we use different methods.

So that we can get authority backlinks for our website blog This increases the authority and ranking of our blog website.

Why am I right?

We try very different methods to Build backlinks.

Of which directory submission is a method that may have become outdated, according to some people. And no longer works.

But my friends, I think.

Even if it is a traditional method, it is effective on link building.

Pro Tip – This method will help you get initial traffic to your blog site at the beginning of your blogging.

But you do not have to make it a permanent link building method.

You should also use the remaining methods for link building.

You can also increase the authority of your site by using it.

But for this, you have to take care of some things. Which we are going to know in this article further.

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Guide Of Directory Submission Sites Start From Here

So, let’s come to our main topic now.

This is 100+ Free Directory Submission Sites List, which will help you increase the authority and traffic of your website through link building.

hold on hold on

Now do not go to see the list by scrolling directly from here. Because before submitting your site, you need to know what is Directory Submission Site?

And if you know about it very well, then you can scroll down. You can go to the direct list by clicking on this button.

Button Given on Table Of Content

So let’s Driven Into It.

What is directory Submission Sites List ?

Before submitting your site to us in Directory Submission Sites List, we know what it is.

Like we all know that if you want to increase the ranking and SEO of your website, then for this, you have to try many different ways.

Directory Submission Sites is also one way of link building.

Now you will ask that what is this?

So I would like to tell you in simple language, Directory Submission Sites is one of the most used parts of the off-page SEO technique.

Through this, you can take backlink from websites with good and high PR & DA without having to work hard for your blog website.

We understand this as an example.

Like what is in your mind after hearing this directory in the name of this term?

The answer is

“Telephone directory”

And what are the use of different telephone numbers and their information? For.

This is also same like Telephone directory .

Directory Submission Sites are websites where people add information on their website to these sites Like

  1. Website Name
  2. Website Url
  3. Website Niche & Category
  4. Description

Like you have no mobiles with you. Look in the telephone directory.

In the same way,

It is a web directory; in it, you can see and find the information on your website related to your niche and other business.

There are many such directory submission sites list where you can list your site for free and. But some are Free Directory Submission Sites List And Some are Paid.

You can take nofollow and dofollow backlinks from high PR Directory submission Sites of good quality from there.

Also it is very important that how many referring domains are there for the site?
Because according to Google ranking factor, Domain Level Link and Page Level Link are more important in ranking any website.

You can understand this by looking at the image given below, according to the MOZ Website Data. 

High DA Directory Submission Sites List

Different Types Of Directory Submission Site

This is an excellent way to do link building.

But in this too you will get different types of types. Which are the main 3 types of web directory submission?

1. Free Directory Submission

Like it is written in its name that it is free directory submission. So by going to the directory under this type,

You can add the information about your website and build a link for yourself.

Here you do not have to pay a single cent from your pocket to make a high Quality backlink from High DA PA Web Directory Submission site list.

Single Line Definition Of Free Web Directory  Submission Site listing

It is a simple process to get the backlink from any high DR web directory listing Site Totally Free. 

 Disadvantage of Free Web Directory Submission Site 

1. There is no guarantee when the links will be approved.

2.For how long the link will remain on web directory submission, there is also no trust.

3. Many people submit their sites here. This gives everyone backlink, but there is very little chance of traffic.Enter your text here…

  Advantage of Free Web Directory Submission Site

1. The main advantage is it’s totally free of cost.

2. You will get a lot of directory submission sites for free.

2. Paid Directory Submission

This total is opposite the free directory submission site.
Because in this, you have to spend money to list your link in paid directory submission sites.

The owner of the directory submission site will charge some amount from you to submit your link.
Only those who have to pay you can upload your link on their web directory submission site.

But like you saw that you can face many problems in free directory submission. But you get some extra benefit is paid.

Single Line Definition Of Paid Web Directory Submission Site listing

It’s a simple process of buying the backlinks from any high web directory listing site according to there condition and Terms.

Advantage of Paid Directory Submission Site List

1. In this, you get guaranty that your link will be live within a given time.

2. The asurity of how many days your link will remain on their web directory submission.

3. From here, some initial traffic will come to your site.

Now maybe some people may ask me this question in my comment that

Why traffic will come from only Paid Directory Submission Site? Why not for Free Directory Submission Site?

So I have prepared the answer for you in the FAQ section, which you will find at the end of the article.

You can go and see it, but first, you must read this article thoroughly.

3. Reciprocal Regular web Directory Submission

Reciprocal web directory listing is like this.

Where if you want your link to be listed on their Reciprocal regular web directory, 

Instead, you also have to add their site links on your website.

When you do this, the administrator of the Reciprocal web directory listing analyzes himself and approves your link.

Single Line Definition Of  Reciprocal regular Web Directory Submission Site

It’s a simple process of exchanging the backlinks from one website to another site

High DA PA Directory Submission Site List 

NoWebsitesDAPaid Or Free

Pros And Cons Of Directory Submission Sites

Understand These Points And Then Take A action

  • With this, you can build high-quality backlinks for your website.
  • When you build Linux on the directory submission site for your website, it will definitely increase the authority and ranking of your site.
  • This will bring traffic to your site in a reasonable amount during the initial days.
  • Your SEO score will be increased, and you get ranking on that Google Search engine and other Search Engines.
  • Your site SERP will be incremental
  • No. Of Refreing Domain Of Your Site Will Be Gradually Incresing
  • It takes a long time to approve a link.
  • After some time, the authority of directory submission sites may decrease.
  • most of directory submission site has a spam score

High DA PA Dofollow Directory Submission Sites List 2020 Updated 

Sr. NoWebsitesDACost

Some Tpis Refarding Directory Subimission

Before submitting your site to any web directory submission site, check the spam score of that site.

Because if you take a backlink from such a site, then the site has a lot of spam. This can increase your site’s spam score.

So you must remember these points.

And when you feel that a site is right for you, then only take backlinks from there.

After using all the methods

You wait a few days

And you scan your site in SEO TOOL like Semrush & Ahrefs Then analyze whether your backlink index is done or not.

Conclusion – 

So friends, in today’s article, we saw what is the directory submission site? And how many types are there?

Together you got a list of 100+ High DA PA Directory Submission Sites List in this article.

Final Word – 

I hope that this detailed guide of today will prove helpful to you.

And if this is helpful for you, then please share this article with your other friends too.

Thank you..

directory submission sites list

Affiliate Disclosure – We use affiliate Links at someplace on this website, This means that if you click on that link and buy some service/product through this link. So in return, I get some small amount of commission from that product/service company at no additional cost to you.

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